Welcome to the Salt Lake City School District Social Studies page. Here you'll find resources and information to help students become engaged in learning and understanding social studies.


The Social Studies Department strives to help students and other stakeholders appreciate and recognize the significance social studies education has to their lives, their local and broader community, and to their future. We seek to develop a collaborative atmosphere in which we work together within and between subject matters to promote, strengthen, and deepen student learning, critical thinking, and civic competence.  

Geo-Education: Essential Preparation for an Interconnected World Geo-education is more significant today than ever before. Find out about geo-education and why it's so important.

What is Geo-Literacy? It's far more than being able to find a place on a map. Check this web site out by National Geographic to find out more.

What Can History Teach Us Today?

What is Historical Literacy? In this brief but important paper, Dr. Jeff Nokes of BYU provides a comprehensive definition.

Using History to Invigorate Utah Core Standards Lessons - The days of fact finding and memorization in the social studies classroom are behind us. Find out how significant the social studies classroom is in helping us to develop student literacy and thinking skills.

Exciting Opportunities

Please check back often for updated information.

Utah History Day - Participating in History Day helps students develop history and literacy skills!

United States Senate Youth Scholarship - A great scholarship opportunity for junior or seniors, who must be nominated by their school.

Veteran Speaker Series - Hear war veterans tell their experiences at the Salt Lake City Library.

Geography Bee - Be sure to check out the Teacher and Parent tab for registration information.

National History Bee information. This is a great opportunity for any student whohas not completed the eighth grade. Check their website or click here for a flyer..



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