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Superintendent's Message

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Keeping your students safe is one of our highest priorities. As this new school year begins we wanted to give you some information and ask for your help as we strive to make our schools safe and welcoming environments.

Each school has a safety and emergency preparedness plan, which is reviewed each year and updated as necessary. These plans cover how to respond in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. A necessary part of these plans are emergency drills. Students learn how to evacuate the school, shelter in their classroom, and how best to remain calm in an emergency. Sometimes these drills can be stressful for students, especially younger students. Teachers and principals meet and talk with students to ease their concerns, but you may want to speak with your children as well and explain to them the purpose of these drills.

Occasionally, a school or the district office may receive a threat. These threats may come in email, on social media, during a phone call, or just from information being talked about in your neighborhood. Each and every threat we receive, credible or not, is investigated thoroughly. The district has great relationships with local, state, and federal authorities. In the event of a threat, we rely on them and their expertise to help us determine the best course of action to keep our students, employees, staff, and families safe.

Parents and students are some of our greatest resources in keeping our schools safe. You can help be our eyes and ears. If you see something that causes concern in your neighborhood, posted on social media, in a text message, or anywhere else, please do not hesitate to call the school or the district office. You can also speak with a teacher or a principal.

Parents, families, and schools form a critical partnership in keeping your children safe. In our schools, we are constantly working to improve our services and learning new ways to improve school safety. Working together, we hope to create the safest possible schools for your children and our community. 

Yours in education,
Lexi Cunningham, Ed.D.

A Trip to Silver Lake

Highland Park Elementary fourth-grade students recently took a trip to Silver Lake, a chance to learn outside the classroom.