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Superintendent's Message

Posted: Thu, 01-05-2017 - 03:19 PM

Dear SLCSD Community,

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017.  It is my hope that the holiday break gave our students, staff, and families a chance to rest and rejuvenate as we prepare for a busy and successful spring.

Over the break, I had an opportunity to reflect on 2016 and look forward to 2017.  Now that SLCSD students are safely back in the classroom, I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you 17 things to celebrate about SLCSD.

  1. Graduation Rates.  SLCSD continues to graduate more students.  In 2016, the state graduation average was 76%.  This is a 2% increase from 2015.  I am pleased to share that two of our high schools achieved graduation rates of 90% or higher.  All SLCSD high schools will continue to focus on graduating more students on time, prepared for post-secondary educational opportunities.
  2. Safety.  SLCSD takes student and staff safety seriously.  Through a continued partnership with the Salt Lake City Police Department, eight school resource officers are assigned to schools throughout the district to support administration in keeping students and staff safe. Each school also has a safety plan that has been shared with SCC members.
  3. Student Learning.  SLCSD is focused on meeting the needs of all students by providing targeted support to help students make progress and achieve at their highest potential.  Teachers are engaging students in more rigorous lessons aligned to the Utah Core Standards.
  4. Equity.  The Board of Education, district leadership and school staff are committed to eradicating the disparity in academic achievement in SLCSD.  In order for ALL students to have access to a quality education and succeed, it is essential that everyone in SLCSD is focused on closing gaps in education and opportunities.
  5. Teacher Effectiveness.  The single most influential factor on student achievement is teacher effectiveness.  SLCSD is focused on hiring highly qualified professionals and then ensuring that they receive mentoring and support to help them improve and accelerate their instructional practices in all classrooms.  SLCSD is blessed with an AMAZING staff at all schools and throughout the district.
  6. School Culture.  Each SLCSD school is working hard to create a culture that recognizes and celebrates positive student behavior.  Good behavior is the norm at every school.  Instances of bullying, fighting, and insubordination have decreased dramatically over the past few years.
  7. Digital Learning.  Digital learning is a key component of a 21st century education, and SLCSD is committed to providing students and staff with opportunities to teach and learn using current technology.  From science classes to CTE classes, and 2nd grade to 8th grade, SLCSD teachers are enhancing learning through the use of technology.
  8. Choice.  Every student has multiple choices in SLCSD.  Students and families have a choice of schools to attend and programs to participate in throughout SLCSD.  SLCSD has something for every student.  We realize that every student is unique and provide opportunities for all.
  9. Sustainable Budget.  SLCSD prioritizes resources and determines where investments are needed to help support students and staff.  The district continues to allocate money in staff salaries and spends money to support students in the classroom.  Through solid management, SLCSD continues to be a budgetary leader in Utah.
  10. Facilities.  All SLCSD buildings and grounds are clean and conducive to learning and work.  Much work has been done to update our older schools, as well as maintain our newer schools.  Edison and Meadowlark with be the next schools to undergo renovation in the near future.
  11. Transportation.  SLCSD is proud of our Transportation Department.  They continue to transport more and more students.  The department is focused on safety and works to get students to school on time.
  12. Child Nutrition.  Over 50% of SLCSD students qualify for the National School Lunch and Breakfast program.  Each day they receive healthy meals that contain fruits, vegetables and whole grains. SLCSD students have a variety of choices in all cafeterias and are greeted by a committed and caring Child Nutrition Department staff each day.
  13. Guidance.  SLCSD Guidance Counselors work diligently to incorporate the standards of the state’s comprehensive counseling and guidance.  SLCSD is focused on helping students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to help them achieve and succeed at the next level in their educational journey.
  14. 21st Century Skills.  Collaboration, critical thinking, and communication are necessary for SLCSD students in order to engage in their own learning.  These skills will help all SLCSD students succeed in and out of the classroom.  21st Century Skills will also help students as they transition into careers.  Each day, these skills are reinforced in SLCSD classrooms.
  15. Leadership.  Throughout SLCSD you will find leaders.  They are in our classrooms, in district departments, our Board of Education, and leading our schools.  Our leaders are focused on our students and want students to excel.  Throughout the year all leaders engage in professional development to improve their skills.
  16. Salt Lake Education Foundation.  The SLEF is instrumental in helping students and families.  Whether they are assisting with dental care, providing vision testing and glasses, or helping to renovate school libraries, SLEF is there.  Their support is critical to our success.
  17. Community.  The SLCSD community continues to support our students, staff and school.  More and more families are choosing SLCSD schools because they know their students will excel in our schools.  Thank you for your trust and support.

We have much to celebrate in SLCSD, but we also have much to accomplish this semester.  With the support of our students, staff, parents, and community, there is no stopping SLCSD.  2017 promises to be great, and I look forward to working and serving with you this year.

Happy New Year!!

Dr. Lexi Cunningham

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