Assessment and Evaluation

The Salt Lake City School District's Assessment and Evaluation Department (A&E) coordinates the development and implementation of Utah state and local district assessments. A&E works collaboratively with other departments to collect and report information about student academic achievement in order to inform instruction, increase student learning, and help school personnel assess the effectiveness of their schools and programs. Timely and accurate data is provided to schools, school board members, district departments, and the community to gain understanding of the students in our district and their specific learning needs.

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Assessments in Progress

August 13 - 2014-15 Data for Administrators @ Innovations August 24-28 - Kindergarten Fall Assessment
August 14 - New Teacher Training @ District Office August 24 - October 8 -WIDA-APT Screening K-12
August 17- 31 - 2014-15 Growth, Current & Reflective Data - various schools August 31 - September 11 - NELP Testing - Gr. 4
  August 31 - October 13 - DIBELS Next - K-6
  August 24 - December 18 - SAGE Fall Interims (optional) 3-12
  August 24 - March 4 - SAGE Mid-Year Summative for courses ending on or before March 4


Christine Marriott



Terrilyn Lee Teacher Specialist 801.578.8254
Kate Arch Teacher Specialist 801.578.8331
Aubree Gardner Teacher Specialist 801.578.8464
Robert Palmer Teacher Specialist 801.578.8484
Adrienne Lobato Teacher Specialist 801.578.8305
Jen Koh Teacher Specialist 801.578.8250
Liz Davis Teacher Specialist 801.578.8662
Colby Wilson Teacher Specialist 801.578.8222
Edith Park Teacher Specialist 801.578.8441
Ann Brewer Teacher Specialist 801.578.8662
Valerie Hoecherl Administrative Assistant 801.578.8249
Beth Thomas Testing Clerk 801.578.8363
Maren Lacy Data Technician 801.578.8255



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