Health Professions Academy

The Salt Lake City School District and The University of Utah Health Sciences Center are jointly sponsoring the Health Professions Academy for the student who is interested in college preparatory courses with an emphasis in health professions.

The purpose of the Health Professions Academy is to provide greater understanding and appreciation of health science careers through collaborative high school and university educational experiences. A particular emphasis is the recruitment and retention of students from groups traditionally underrepresented in the health sciences professions.

Students accepted into the Health Professions Academy will take a sequence of courses, some of which are designated cohort classes for Academy students only.

Academy Goals

  • To provide participating students with a greater understanding of the full range of health sciences careers through real world, hands-on experiences with health sciences professionals.
  • To enrich students’ high school academic experiences, providing the opportunity for them to integrate what they are learning in the classroom with the knowledge and skills used by health sciences professionals in the real world.
  • To motivate high school students, particularly those from traditionally underrepresented groups, to pursue health science careers.
  • To provide processes and experiences that support students as they progress through high school, the University, and into successful careers as health sciences professionals.
    • field trips
    • presentations
    • shadowing experiences
    • internships
    • service learning opportunities

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