Arts Academy at Highland

"A dance engages the body and delivers exhilaration;
A drama invites the willing suspension of disbelief,
creating the context for a deeper message;
A painting summons reflection;
A song can open a new window onto events, ideas, and historical eras.

The Arts Academy at Highland will be led by a community of artist-educators who will provide students with challenging experiences in a variety of art forms. Students from diverse cultures will share their passion for the arts with one another, create artwork that reflects professional and educational standards, and understand artwork as it relates to aesthetics, criticism and other academic disciplines.

The Arts Academy will enrich the high school experience of students who plan to pursue the arts beyond graduation, of students who are enrolled in regular arts classes, and of the student-body at large.

During the 2005-2006 school year, students in Highland arts classes will be able to enroll in a preparatory, major, or studio level cohort of students who represent all artistic disciplines. Students in preparatory level classes who commit to the preparatory cohort will view and discuss performances and exhibitions by Highland performers and artists. Students in the major level classes who commit to the major cohort will attend and discuss professional performances and exhibitions. Student who commit to the studio cohort will support one another as each cohort student completes a senior project, such as a recital, production, portfolio, or exhibition. Students who complete the cohort requirements will receive a special recognition at graduation and/or on their diploma.

As the arts academy develops, students will be offered additional opportunities, such as enrolling in language arts and social studies sections that emphasize the arts and participating in master classes and residency experiences with local and nationally recognized artists.

Preparatory Division Classes: Dance 1 and 2, Applied Art, Art Foundations, Ceramics I and II, Visual Communication and Design, Visual Communication and Advertising, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Freshmen Choir, Chorale, Class Piano, Theatre Foundations 1-2

Major and Studio Division Classes: Dance Company, Theatre Foundations 3-4, Playwriting, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Band, Madrigal Choir, 3-D Art, Advanced Art, AP Studio Art, AP 3-D Studio Art, Industrial Design, Advanced Placement Art History, Advanced Placement Music Theory.

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