Northwest Middle School

Northwest Middle School is dedicated to the academic excellence of all students. Over the past four years, student achievement has increased in language arts, science, and math because of our focused, collaborative work that creates relevant, engaging learning opportunities for our students. Students at Northwest LOVE coming to school because collectively we are CONNECTED, THOUGHTFUL and RESPONSIBLE.

  • We have teachers, staff, and administrators who know their students and care about them. We do our best to make sure that every student has at least one adult who they trust and can go to when they need help. We are proud of our rich school culture made up racially, linguistically, and culturally amazing students. We honor what they bring to our school and nurture their individuality.
  • Our students feel smart and successful. Over 400 of our students have a GPA of 3.2 or higher and are proud to be in the Warrior Club. In the past three years, we've tripled the number of ELP/Honors courses we offer. We moved from one of the lowest achieving schools to one of the highest achieving schools. In the past, our students averaged a fourth-grade reading ability, and now our students’ reading abilities average their grade level.
  • We do everything to meet the needs of our students through a strong special education program; math labs and reading classes for an additional hour of learning; English Language Development classes for students who speak a language other than English at home; an attentive counseling department; and a Colors of Success program for students who need advocates and support to deal with teenage pressures.
  • We have lots of technology for learning. We have 600 netbooks, class sets of iPads and iPods, clickers, flip cameras, SmartBoards, and document cameras in every classroom, as well as a closet full of science gadgets for hands-on learning.
  • We have an awesome after school program called 8th period, where students can choose to take classes about sewing, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, chess, anime, dance, ceramics, word poetry, peer leadership, self-advocacy, and performing arts.


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