Bryant Middle School

The mission of Bryant Middle School, a uniquely cooperative environment, is to educate, stimulate, and nurture the continuing intellectual, social, and personal growth of its students in a way that links the development of their thinking skills, knowledge, and values with the cultural diversity of our community. At Bryant, teachers, parents, community members, and other stakeholders work together as a team. We offer many academic and extra-curricular programs that help students maintain high self-esteem, achieve, and succeed. The climate is warm and inviting and we care about each student at our school.

Facts About Bryant

  • Historical, Blue Ribbon School located in the downtown area of Salt Lake City.
  • There is a high degree of collaboration among teachers, administrators, and all staff. The content of curriculum is consistent with the desired school-wide results for student learning, the school mission, and state core curriculum requirements.
  • Leadership opportunities for students and staff are widely available.
  • There is a positive atmosphere at Bryant and most students feel that Bryant is a good school. Teachers make themselves available to students through a variety of before and after school programs.

Bryant Highlights

  • Bryant has identified four areas of emphasis in our School Improvement Plan; they are: literacy, academics, advocacy, and collaboration.
  • Bryant sponsors many programs aimed at student success. We offer Tutor School, Homework Help, a Morning Program, plus intramural sports activities and teacher directed curriculum study sessions.
  • Bryant is supported by a strong School Community Counsel and PTSA. The PTSA sponsors Reflections, Red Letter Week, a yearly schoolwide fundraiser, and many more activities and opportunities for our students and staff.
  • Annually, many students and staff participate in a highly-acclaimed Multicultural Extravaganza.
  • Daily, we initiate success and encourage students and staff to be the BEST THAT THEY CAN BE!


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