Nibley Park School

Nibley Park is a happy place for kids who are taught by a remarkable group of educators.  We believe 100% of our students are entitled to receive excellent instruction every day.  Our staff is committed to the growth and development, both academically and socially, of our students.  Please feel free to drop by and experience the Dolphin energy firsthand!

Facts About Nibley Park

  • Nibley Park is one of only two K-8 Schools in Salt Lake City School District.  This means we serve students from kindergarten through 8th grade.  This model provides the ability to get to know each student very well and capitalize on student strengths while offering support in areas of weakness.
  • We have a robust tutoring program which through working with community and local businesses, offers one-on-one help and support to students in both reading and math during the school day.
  • Nibley Park students are continually growing and our student body has experienced a steady increase in CRT scores from year to year.
  • Nibley Park students take numerous awards in Science Fair and ELP competitions throughout the district and state.
  • We retain a highly qualified teaching staff.  All teachers at Nibley Park are state certified and qualified to work with children.
  • Nibley Park is a recipient of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art Grant and is a member of the ArtStream Consortium.  We place a high value on the integration of fine arts curriculum.  All students at Nibley receive music and dance instruction.
  • The PTA and School Community Council are fully functional and supportive of all our efforts.  Our incredible Halloween Carnival, Utah State Junior Science Fair, yearly fundraisers, literacy efforts, and the best Field Day in the universe are all funded and staffed by our PTA.
  • Our after-school program is among the best and strongest in the district.  Students can take advantage of tutoring and homework help, fine arts classes, cheerleading, Junior Jazz, music, drama and other fine arts classes.
  • Each year we receive over 100 requests from students living outside of our boundaries wishing to attend Nibley Park and experience what we offer.  Come check it out for yourself!


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