Innovations Early College High School

Innovations Early College High School provides a new and innovative learning environment for all students. Our mission is to provide a student centered, personalized education by utilizing the power and scalability of technology to customize education where students will be able to learn in their unique manner and pace; where constraints of traditional classrooms and barriers to educational innovation are removed.

Our focus is to assist students in planning and meeting their education goals through our unique customization of their schedule. Parents will have online access to student attendance, course requirements, course progress, and grades. Students meet with a mentor teacher on a weekly basis that provides academic and social support throughout their high school years. Students are also engaged in multiple pathways of learning including group projects, field trips, clubs and student events.

  • Flexibility: Innovations Early College High School is both convenient and flexible. Students may move with their grade level or faster, based upon their commitment to self-directed learning goals.
  • Personalized Education: A Personalized Education Plan meets the needs of students as they work towards graduation.
  • Customized Schedule: Students have the opportunity to dynamically customize their schedule with a few limiting constructs. Students may also take a course at their boundary school, Career and Technical Center, or at the college.
  • Work at Your Own Pace: The students may finish the courses as quickly as they are able to with the capacity to begin taking a new course immediately thereafter. This approach or philosophy allows students the capacity to focus more deeply on fewer subjects at a time, thus increasing their motivation, sense of accomplishment, and empowered self-paced learning.
  • Extended Hours Campus: A student is required to be on campus 6.5 hours each school day. They can attend between 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Group Projects/Personal Study: When on campus, students will be involved in teacher-led student skill groups, study groups, a group project session, and working alone on the determined courses.


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