East High School

East High School offers a comprehensive education to all students through academic and extracurricular activities, enabling our students to become effective communicators, creative problem solvers, and empowered leaders.

  • Scholarship Opportunities: In 2016, more than 447 college scholarships were offered to East students worth approximately 10.164 million dollars. In addition, we had 19 Presidential Scholarships to various universities and 44 Utah Scholars.
  • Concurrent Courses: East offers 30 concurrent enrollment classes in the district, with 26 classes offered on campus and four at the near-by Career and Technical Center.
  • AP Courses: In a school-wide effort to be inclusive, we encourage our students to choose from among 20 Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
  • World Languages: Students can choose from a variety of classes, including Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.
  • Health Professions Academy: The Salt Lake City School District and the University of Utah Health Sciences Center jointly sponsor the Health Professions Academy (HPA) at East High School. This academy is for students who are interested in college preparatory courses with an emphasis on science and health professions. The purpose of the HPA is to provide a greater understanding and appreciation of career development in the health sciences through high school and university based educational experiences. Students are admitted for 9th grade through an application process, which begins in January of 8th grade. Students may also register for HPA in the ninth grade. Specialized HPA courses include: medical terminology, introduction to health sciences, medical anatomy and physiology, and advanced health science and senior year health science internships. Applications are available through school Career and Technical Education (CTE) coordinators and your counselor. This is a full-time program, and students accepted must attend East High.
  • Academy of Information Technology: The Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) is associated with the National Academy Foundation. The mission of AOIT is to introduce students to the broad career opportunities in today’s digital workforce and equip them with the personal, analytical, technical, and communication skills they need. Courses in the AOIT are held at the Salt Lake City School District Career and Technical Center (CTC). AOIT is available for grades 10-12. All students who apply will be admitted. Applications are available through school CTE coordinators. Courses in the AOIT include: computer technology, A+, Network +, digital nedia, 3D Animation, and computer information systems. Transportation from home school to the CTC is provided.
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID): East has implemented a schoolwide AVID program helping to ensure that all students are college and career ready. AVID focuses on five main academic skills: writing, inquiry, reading. organization, and collaboration (WICOR). As a part of our schoolwide AVID focus, every student at East High will receive the tools needed to be successful in high school, college, and beyond. East also provides a supplementary elective class that extends added support and prepares students for college eligibility. We are the only high school in Utah that has been recognized and approached to become a National AVID Demonstration High School.
  • East Accelerated Pathway (EXP): EXP classes are offered in math, language arts, science, and social studies and are designed to benefit students throughout a various range of abilities. Sometimes referred to as personalized learning, students who are self-motivated to work through the digital curriculum are able to do so at their own pace (credits earned can be accelerated or slowed based on student need). The curriculum is also available to students outside of the traditional classroom setting and can be accessed via any internet connection throughout the world for those students wishing to accelerate. Daily attendance is still required as teachers will still be providing instruction to the class. Students wishing to register for EXP classes should talk to their counselor
  • GEAR UP: This program prepares first generation college students by offering additional support in study skills as well as applying and paying for college.
  • Techniques for Tough Times: The program increases graduation rates and equips students with the skills necessary to be successful as they become contributing citizens.
  • Credit Recovery Classes: Allows students to make up credits in order to fulfill all graduation requirements.

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