Rose Park Elementary School

Rose Park Elementary School

1105 West 1000 North
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

Phone: 801.578.8554
Fax: 801.578.8373



Nicole Warren

Assistant Principal

JaNeal Rodriquez

School Information

Enrollment: 488
Open Enrollment Status: Open
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Rose Park Elementary has been serving the educational needs of the Rose Park community for over 50 years. The children had the opportunity to watch the new school be built while attending the original school. The new school was officially opened in the Fall of 2001. It is larger, safer, and equipped with the latest technology.

About Rose Park

Rose Park Elementary lies in the heart of the Rose Park community.  We are thrilled about the great academic growth of our students. For the past three years science, math, and literacy test scores have steadily risen.  We have a strong sense of community that comes from parents, teachers, and staff working together to create an ideal place for our students to learn and grow. Rose Park Elementary is one of only a few schools in the state of Utah that house a Community Learning Center (CLC). Having a CLC means that we are able to partner with community agencies to offer substantial programming in early childhood education, youth development, and adult education.  Our building is constantly busy and filled with adults and youth engaging in meaningful learning opportunities.



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