Riley Elementary School

The staff and administration of Riley Elementary School, in conjunction with the community, provide a positive learning environment for students. Our primary mission is to promote the learning and growth of students, and to more effectively measure and promote growth. We are committed to helping all students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in life through exploration and the implementation of effective curriculum and classroom management approaches.

  • Our diverse studentbody consists of a large variety of nationalities and languages, which we respect.
  • Our students are educated in a new building, which was completed in 2000. Lining the front hall of our building are individually-designed student tiles representing each one of our unique students.
  • Our teaching staff is highly qualified.
  • Riley is a Title I School which uses federal money to improve the educational program offered to students for the purpose of increasing student achievement.
  • Our School Improvement Plan includes ensuring academic success for our students specifically in math, language arts and science.
  • We have a full-time counselor as well as a Family Involvement Assistant to work with our students and their families.
  • We offer a pre-k program and three full-day kindergarten classes.
  • Included in our student body are two Intellectually Disabled classes for students in our district with special needs.
  • We participate in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables program.
  • Our teachers and staff base their instruction on the Utah State Core Curriculum, and students are assessed on these concepts each spring.
  • Teachers participate in an Equity Team, designed to increase cultural awareness and student achievement.
  • Riley Elementary is participating in an art grant, allowing our students and parents more to participate in and promote visual arts.
  • We have excellent family nights sponsored by the University Neighborhood Partnership and the Sorenson Center.
  • We have an outstanding after school program, which focuses on meeting the needs of our students as learners.
  • We participate in the “I Can Do” program brought to us by Ballet West.
  • Riley Elementary School is implementing a Community School Garden, giving students first-hand experience in science skills and learning.
  • Buddy classes and rotations take place across grade levels.
  • Our 4th- and 5th-grade teachers are working at the district level on a math initiative program to improve student learning and instruction in mathematics.
  • “Growing up Responsible” after-school class is provided to students.
  • For family involvement and in collaboration with the Sorenson Multicultural and Unity Fitness Center, we sponsor ESL, computer, sewing, and exercise classes.
  • We sponsor one of the largest Girl Scout Troops in Utah.


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