Riley Elementary School

The staff and administration of Riley Elementary School, in conjunction with the community, provide a positive learning environment for students. Our primary vision is to see every fifth grader leave Riley with the academic, social, and emotional skills that put them on the trajectory to eventual college and career success.

  • Our diverse student body consists of a large variety of races, ethnicities, languages, and talents. Our community is enriched by this diversity.
  • Our students are educated in a beautiful two-story building that was rebuilt in 2000. Lining the front hall of our building are individually-designed student tiles representing each one of our unique students.
  • Our teaching staff is highly qualified.
  • Riley is a Title I School which uses federal money to improve the educational program offered to students for the purpose of increasing student achievement. Title I at Riley is a schoolwide program that provides access to the supplemental services made possible through federal Title I dollars to all students in the school, regardless of socio-economic status.
  • Our School Improvement Plan focuses on effective planning of the Utah core, regular assessment of Utah core standards, and targeted support for English Language Learners (approximately 50% of our student population).
  • We have a full-time counselor, as well as a Family Involvement Assistant to work with our students and their families.
  • We offer a pre-kindergarten program and three full-day kindergarten classes.
  • Included in our student body are two functional academics classes for students in our district with special needs.
  • We participate in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables program.
  • All of our students have access to the fine arts, particularly music and dance. We participate in the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts program.
  • We have an outstanding after school program, which focuses on meeting the needs of our students as learners.
  • Riley Elementary School is implementing a community school garden, giving students first-hand experience in science skills and learning.
  • Teachers have planning time built into the school day three times per week. They participate in teacher collaboration time twice per week.
  • The Riley schedule does not have a regular short day. Students attend school Monday through Friday, 8:25 a.m. - 3 pm.
  • We have a successful breakfast in the classroom program that serves 70% or more of our students breakfast every day. This helps students to be more focused during the school day.
  • We honor students of the month from each classroom at a special assembly every month. Students are also recognized for scoring 70% or higher on district interims, outstanding and improved attendance, and demonstrating the characteristics of a growth mindset.


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