North Star Elementary School

North Star Elementary focuses on what matters most: students. Everything we do is about creating positive, meaningful learning experiences for students. Such learning experiences include academics, social interactions, and emotional well-being. At North Star, you can count on everyone to teach, nurture, help, and support your child.

  • We teach the whole child and meet each student at his or her level in order to finds the best ways to support and help that student succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • We offer curriculum rich in appropriate academic rigor that pushes each student to learn, discover, and create something new. 
  • The school provides opportunities for all students to engage learning with interactive technology—from virtual field trips to programmable robots.
  • Our school researches instructional practices and collaborate regularly as a staff in order to learn from one another and share ways in which we can help students in their own unique circumstances.
  • We offer an after-school program focused on structured educational activities.
  • We engage students in a positive manner and reinforce positive behaviors to create a school wide community of caring focused on responsibility, respect, caring, trust, and family.
  • We promise to be present for parents and students. We’re here for you! 


School Boundaries Map

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