Highland Park Elementary School

The focus at Highland Park Elementary School is to strengthen the implementation of the Utah Core curriculum and increase social gains from the inclusion of the arts in every aspect of the curriculum.

  • Classroom teachers and teaching artists collaborate to integrate the arts into all areas of the curriculum, making sure that students study curriculum that is balanced and based on Core concepts.
  • Highland Park is part of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP). A yearly BTSALP grant pays for an experienced visual art teacher for our school. Much of this money comes from the Utah legislature. One of the reasons the legislature continue to fund this program is because of the many letters they receive each year from parents who value this program.
  • Parent volunteers run the non-profit Highland Park Arts Foundation, which organizes an annual Arts Night fundraiser to pay for dance instruction through Tanner Dance and additional music classes.
  • Students in grades one through four receive dance instruction through Tanner Dance.
  • We offer strings, band, and general music to upper-grade students.
  • Students in the lower grades receive general music.
  • We offer a before school music program in the fall.
  • Highland Park also offers hands-on science to third- through sixth-grade students. Students are offered a laboratory science experience in which parent volunteers and a science specialist set up hands-on experiments to support student instruction.
  • Highland Park has strong community involvement with its school community council and PTA.
  • There is a strong leadership focus at Highland Park to develop leadership skills in students.


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