Edison Elementary School

Edison Elementary’s mission is to develop literate, problem solvers who can communicate ideas and feelings both socially and academically.  We value learning and respect of self and others, coupled with high expectations and grit.  At Edison, we use data and teamwork to facilitate learning and self-accountability, as well as to celebrate growth and accomplishments. 

  • During the 2016-17 school year, Edison students and staff accomplished unprecedented growth as measured by the PACE Report.  Edison earned 256/300 growth points.  Because of this growth, Edison moved from a “C” school to a “B” school.
  • Edison students attend school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Our innovative schedule affords every student an additional hour of instructional time daily.  Edison students receive rotations in science, physical education, library, and art, as well as enrichment in music.
  • Students in grades two through five have 2-1 access to laptops, while students in Kindergarten and first grade use iPads.
  • All teachers have built-in time to plan and collaborate every day and analyze student work as grade level teams and weekly in Professional Learning Communities.
  • Edison is a diverse school with incredible cultural wealth.  We are continuing to build a strong school-to-community connection through our Second Cup of Coffee meetings, monthly parent meetings, as well as through our weekly English language learning classes.  Parent input is a valued asset at Edison.
  • Edison’s students are hardworking, kind, and dedicated to reaching their goals.  These attributes, combined with our highly qualified faculty and staff, ensures success for all learners!


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