Bonneville Elementary School

Bonneville Elementary School

1145 South 1900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Phone: 801.584.2913
Fax: 801.584.2919



Donna L. Reid

School Information

Enrollment: 523
Open Enrollment Status: Open
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The mission of Bonneville Elementary School, a center of academic excellence built on trust and cooperation, is to:

  1. provide a safe environment that stimulates creative and innovative thought,
  2. promote life-long learning, and
  3. foster an appreciation of diversity by empowering students through literacy, challenging students to investigate ideas and concepts, and motivating students to maintain balance in their lives.

Bonneville Elementary School has high academic and behavioral expectations of all students. The staff is very dedicated and caring. Parents are invited to play a significant role in the day-to-day operations of the school through PTA, classroom help, and service on the School Community Council.

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