"Today we learned about microscopic animals that live in water. We counted them using microscopes as part of math and science centers. We'll be drawing and writing about them next. I'm going to pick one of the animals and learn more about it so that I can teach the other kids. For lunch, I had fresh veggies from the salad bar. For Friday's sport, I signed up for swimming, but I could have picked archery or rock climbing. But you already know that, because you were there."

  • The Open Classroom, a K-8 school, invites students, teachers, and parents to collaborate as a community to inspire and celebrate the adventure of learning.
  • Students are placed in multi-age classrooms, allowing for flexibility to foster each child's unique development.
  • Parents play an active role in their child's education, joining the classroom for three hours weekly to facilitate small-group, hands-on learning within the classroom.
  • Emphasis is on whole child learning and creating a respectful community.
  • Healthy lunches are prepared on site.


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