Student Safety Essential information for students and parents

Keeping students safe is one of our highest priorities...

Safe Walking Routes

At many Salt Lake City School District schools the majority of students live within walking distance. Principals and school community councils work together to determine the safest walking routes for students. Schools can use the Student Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP) from the Utah Department of Transportation to help determine the safest routes for students. Under Utah law, all elementary, middle and junior high schools are required to create and distribute a SNAP Plan, which shows the safest routes to school. Ask your principal, where you can find your school's SNAP map.

Crossing guards are available at many of the busy intersections near Salt Lake City elementary schools. Crossing guards are hired and supervised by Salt Lake City, but crossing guards are typically only provided for intersections near elementary schools, not middle schools or high schools.

Transporting Students

Salt Lake City School District buses safely travel hundreds of miles each day. Accidents do happen on rare occasions, and they are thoroughly investigated. Like any vehicle, school buses require maintenance. District buses are inspected on a regular basis, and any needed repairs are completed as quickly as possible. In fact, national research shows school buses are the safest mode of transporting students to and from school.

If you have a questions about school buses and routes, please contact the Transportation Department.

Bullying, Cyber-bullying, Hazing, and Harassment

Salt Lake City School District Board of Education is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment to all district students and employees that is free from any and all bullying, cyber-bullying, hazing, and harassment activities. Such actions are illegal and abusive, and can negatively affect not only the school environment, but also a student’s or an employee’s health and well-being. The district has the authority to discipline students for both on-campus and off-campus speech that violates this policy and its accompanying administrative procedures. Any student found to be in violation of this policy shall be disciplined by appropriate measures up to, and including, suspension and expulsion. Any such student may also lose his/her ability to participate in extracurricular activities and/or be placed on probation.

Parents who have a concern for their student's safety or students concerned for their own safety should contact the school principal or assistant principal. Parent or students who feel their concerns are not being addressed by the school office may contact the School Leadership Support Team. The School Leadership Support webpage lists members of the team and includes email addresses to contact them.

School Closure, Delay, or Early Release

Salt Lake City School District schools will be open on all school days unless circumstances create health or safety issues. We fully expect our schools to be open and functioning normally throughout the winter, but weather conditions can vary greatly in different neighborhoods and on different streets. We encourage parents to make attendance decisions for their children based on their specific ability to get to school safely.

More information on how the district will communicate information about a closure, delay, or early release is available on our website. Additionally, if your contact information has recently changed, please contact your local school with current information. This will enable the school and/or the district to notify you in the event of a late start, closure, or early release.


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