Beets and Yoga at Riley Elementary

  • student with recently harvested beet
  • student doing yoga

Students at Riley Elementary got their garden zen on as they down-dogged and warrior-posed the beet fiber through their bodies. As part of Wasatch Community Garden’s School Garden program, teachers Liz and Madi visited the school to educate students about beets and fiber, and to enjoy a tasty snack. During the lesson, students harvested beets from their garden plots. Following the beet-orange salad made from their fresh harvest, students practiced stretching their bodies and relaxing their breathing in a series of sun salutations.

“The yoga was awesome, it helps you relax and forget all the bad things. It’s the best thing ever,” stated fifth grader, Amelia.

“The beet and orange juice salad was amazing, I want to eat it again soon. The yoga was new and good, I got some exercise and it was fun,” stated a fourth grader.

At the conclusion of class, while reviewing their class performance, nearly every student agreed that they had tried new things: eating beets and practicing yoga. The garden program is slowing down for the winter, but the garden teachers will be back in the spring to plant new seeds and create more yummy, healthy snacks.

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