Amy Yee Speaks to Students at Horizonte

Horizonte students and staff had the pleasure of having Amy Yee as a guest speaker.  Amy Yee is a well-traveled American journalist whose articles have appeared in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, and many other publications.  She also has radio work that has been aired on NPR and Voice of America.

Amy spoke extensively about her time in Africa where she followed research scientists who study elephants and the devastating effects of poaching.  Her article "Poaching Leaves Elephant Daughters in Charge" shows how scientists tracked the movement of hundreds of elephants within the parks to learn about what can be done to prevent further poaching and the declining population of elephants.   The article points specifically to how young female elephants take on the roles of their mothers who were killed by poachers.  From 2010 to 2012, on-fifth of Africa's elephant population was slaughtered by poachers.  Researchers are concerned that the young elephants had lost their elders who hold knowledge of vital information necessary for survival.  They learned, though, that the young daughters assumed the roles of their mothers.  Although it's a bleak time for elephants, this research offers some hope.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and talk to Amy following her presentation.  They learned that laws against poaching and the ivory trade are increasing, and fines for poaching have gone up dramatically, but the struggle for elephant populations and their survival is still prevalent.  We at Horizonte thank Amy for taking the time to visit and share her experiences with us.

Author: Charles Allred, Horizonte Instruction and Training Center

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