Indian Hills Fun Run

  • students participating in the Fun Run

One of the most memorable events at Indian Hills each year is The Fun Run. It is an annual fund raiser. At least, that is how the adults think of it, but for the children it is practically a major holiday. Excitement builds in the weeks prior to the run as students collect sponsorships and focus on health and exercise.

On the day of the run, each grade level will spend 45 minutes on the run in 3 stages. During the first stage, DJ Rob warms the kids up. They stretch, hop, and spin to their favorite tunes.

The 2nd stage is the big run. For 15 minutes the students run as quickly as they can through a long looping track which covers the entire playground. The track contains hurdles, tunnels, and various obstacles to run around and though. If it is a hot year, water sprays will soak them as they run by.

Finally, they have a cool down session. Students grab a healthy snack, water, and a swag bag. During this time, many students will stand on the border of the race track, cheering on whatever class is running.

Fun Run is a treasured Indian Hills tradition. If you ask a student in June, “What was your favorite part of the school year?” the answer will often be “Fun Run!”

Author: Andrew Hackman, Indian Hills Elementary

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