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Eureka! Eureka is a Greek word that means “I found it”. As many of you know, this is the name of our new math program. We are so enthusiastic about Eureka Math at Parkview. This program is pushing our students and teachers in many ways to struggle and work through problems until we find solutions. We see the benefit in allowing students to struggle and find solutions on their own as they learn to be problem solvers.

We had a Eureka parent night in September where parents and students came to school for a couple hours in the evening to explore some of the new and exciting parts of our math program. We started out the night in the gym with everyone together, then broke off into smaller sessions to dig in to some of the curriculum. Each grade planned an activity for students to come in and do, such as play math games, work on models and teach parents about the program. There was a lot of positive energy because the students were so excited to share what they’ve been learning with their parents. We hope our enthusiasm for our students’ learning is spreading to parents and will impact them in positive ways.

Author: Aly Miller, Parkview Elementary

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