Eggs and Math Ratios at Meadowlark Elementary

  • teacher with egg on his head

Equipped with clipboards, pencils, and a carton of eggs, Meadowlark fifth and sixth graders braced themselves for their first math lesson of the year! Sixth-grade teachers Mr. Burkley, Mr. Arthur, and Mr. Shultz prepared themselves by donning trash bags and then brought the students together to teach an action packed lesson on ratios. The lesson started with a ratio of 8 raw eggs to 10 boiled eggs. A handful of lucky students got to smash eggs on their teachers’ heads while others kept track of the ratio of raw to boiled eggs as the game progressed. The odds did not favor the teachers! Meadowlark is thrilled to have such amazing students and staff, and we look forward to more fun, engaging learning experiences throughout the year. 

You can check out videos from the lesson on Meadowlark’s Facebook page.

Author: Keenan Burkely, Meadowlark Elementary

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