Innovations Students Work Towards Graduation During the Summer

  • student receiving awards

On the first day of school, students at Innovations Early College High School were recognized for completing over 100 credits during the summer. 175 students earned a cumulative total of 101.5 credits. Fifty-five of these students are new freshmen. The new freshmen chose to work during the summer to get a jumpstart on their high school credits.

Freshmen Geoffrey Draper earned the most credits during the summer and said he enjoys choosing how quickly he can go in classes. “I like [Innovations] because I’m able to finish the courses that I can and actually be challenged,” he said.

Coming to school during the summer also helped Draper prepare for the beginning of this school year. “I was able to figure out how the school worked for going into the school year,” he said.

Assistant Principal Tara Radmall said she is proud of the initiative these students are already taking. “I am thrilled to see so many 9th graders take time out of their summer to learn,” she said. “Their head-start towards their high school diploma will get them that much closer to earning college credit before they graduate.”

Author: Dana Savage, Innovations Early College High School

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