A Year-long Focus on Science

  • students working on science experiment

The faculty and students at Hawthorne have had a year-long focus on science.  Teachers have worked together to collaborate on teaching the Disciplinary Core ideas that thread through the science standards from grades K-6.  Students have applied the Science and Engineering Practices in their daily work and have learned to identify Cross-Cutting concepts such as “cause and effect” in the application of their learning. Students engaged in multiple teacher-directed labs in the science room, participated in outdoor learning activities, and developed science thinking through in-depth research on a variety of topics. 

William ClingenpeelThis past year, more than 200 Hawthorne students entered individual projects in the school Science and Engineering Fair. Of the 200, several advanced to the District Fair, and eight to the Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair (SLVSEF) held at the University of Utah.  Five students won prizes at SLVSEF. William Clingenpeel earned the prestigious Director’s Award at SLEF.

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