Ending the Year With a Bang at Edison

  • student playing on field day

Edison students work hard all school year long, so the Edison Eagles ended the school year with some fun.

We started the last week of school with spirit week, every day staff and students were encouraged to dress up with the daily theme. Tuesday started off spirit week with a Hawaiian luau theme, staff and students wore Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and leis. Wednesday was crazy, mismatch day Edison Eagles were walking around school mismatched and looking crazy. Thursday was wear your house color day. Staff and students wore yellow, red, green, or blue depending on their house color.

Finally, Friday was sports day, staff and students were all wearing sports jerseys. Wednesday was also field day. Edison Eagles spent half of the outside rotating through numerous outdoor activities. Edison staff and students spent the school year working hard and making amazing growth. We all spent countless hours on academics, so ending the school year with spirit week and field day was the perfect way to start summer!

Author: Jennifer Riggs, Edison Elementary

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