A Strong Finish to a Great Year at Parkview

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Parkview had a strong finish to a great year! We are proud of the improvement our students made over the year in Math, Language Arts, and Science. Each teacher and the students in his/her class worked hard to improve their test scores and grow and learn together. Much of this success stems from the strategies taught to students, such as learning targets, success criteria, and feedback. We saw improvement in the instruction and learning at Parkview. We are proud of the positive school community found in our hall amongst staff and students.

As our year came to an end, our students celebrated with singing, dancing, and recognizing achievements. We also took time to honor a very special teacher in our school, who was awarded Teacher of the Year at Parkview during our final assembly. Michael Farrell is an exemplary teacher at our school. He goes above and beyond his call of duty to see that his students in the Life Skills Special Needs class have all of their individual needs met. He greets each staff member and student with a smile, radiating positivity and enthusiasm for his job. His students love and adore him because they know he has their best interest in mind. We are glad to have Michael as part of our Parkview community and congratulate him on his successes this year.

Finally, we are proud of Ms. Lou Smedsroud who has been nominated to be Teacher of the Year for the Salt Lake City School District. We love her and appreciate her hard work, optimism and dedication to her job as an educator.

Thank you everyone for a great 2016-2017 school year!

Author: Aly Miller, Parkview Elementary

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