Backman Lions are College and Career Ready

  • student listening to police officer speak

The last week of May, Backman Lions spent time focusing on the future during College and Career Week. Students dressed for their future careers, did art projects based on the colleges they want to attend and participated in Career Day. This year more than 25 presenters came to speak their careers. Students met a police officer and his K9 partner and heard about their work with the Salt Lake City police force. A pastry chef turned a classroom into a makeshift bakery, decorating cupcakes in front of students. An architect talked about his work helping design the Marmalade branch of the city library and showed students a model of the building. A bioengineer helped students check out their DNA and an art professor showed students the equipment his students use, including different kinds of cameras. Two Backman parents, a bus driver and a medical assistant, presented to students about their career journeys, as well.

Backman students also heard a presentation from Abdi Hussein, a former Backman, Northwest Middle and West High student. He just finished his junior year at Weber State where he studies Criminal Justice. He answered students questions about college, from how to pay for it to what kind of classes he takes, and shared how he became ready for college and his ultimate career goal of working for the FBI.

Backman focuses on College Bound Character throughout the year. The staff teaches students how various characteristics and mindsets, presented weekly, can help students develop skills that will make them college and career ready. These skills are emphasized on morning announcements and through teacher-led lessons. At the end of the week, students who display that week’s characteristics are celebrated with an award, picture and college swag. Students also focus on their goals for college and career during Life Skills lessons with the counselor. They learn skills to help them set goals, explore careers based on their interests and abilities and identify what type of college can help them reach their career goals.

Author: Jeanne Winters Morris, Backman Elementary

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