What a Way to Wrap Up the Year

  • students at the zoo

The 2016-2017 school year at Indian Hills Elementary ended with a bang! Students wrapped this year up with the Hogle Zoo, The Leonardo, singing, and science.

Indian Hills Third Graders enjoyed sending this school off through music. for the Stars was the theme for this year’s school program. Students found heroes in their lives and historical heroes to celebrate perseverance, strength, and never giving up. Celebrating these character traits inspired our students to work hard and accomplish their dreams. These lucky students were also able to enjoy a day at the Hogle Zoo, to end their school year. After visiting the new baby zebra, seeing the lions and seals, they got to picnic at a local park and just relax. What a great way to end the year!

Fourth Graders celebrated the end of the year by visiting The Leonardo and participating in mind engaging STEM activities. Each group of students were given an engineering challenge that was tested at the end of the class. Some groups were successful and others learned what they could do better next time, through trial and error. They were also able to explore the art of Flight and to engage in hand-on activities to explore even deeper. Celebrate was this year’s Fourth Grade program theme. Students sang songs that took the audience through the Fourth Grade year. All the way from “Great Balls of Fire” for PE to “For Good” to thank their teachers for a wonderful year. Ending the great year on a truly amazing note.

As a whole school, Indian Hills students were able to partake in a Mad Science assembly. Students watched as this “Mad Scientist” made things explode and catch on fire through the use of Science. Some students were lucky enough to get to be his assistant.

The final day of school was celebrated as a community of students. The annual School Carnival took place on the back third level on Indian Hills. Students enjoyed rock climbing, bouncy houses, music, and prizes as they celebrated yet another year passing.

Each and every student at Indian Hills has been so lucky to have a community that supports their academics through Science, exploration, and through plain old fun.

Author: Traci Heise, Indian Hills Elementary

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