Newman Students Engage in Global Citizenship Study

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As part of global citizenship study, some of Newman Elementary’s fifth-grade students have been involved in several projects that have benefited kids around the world: UNICEF KidPower, HeroRats, and SoleHope. Fifth-grade teacher Adrienne Warren guided this process, but she stated that they took ownership of the projects and made a difference in their global community. 

Melody and Cheyenne, two fifth-grade students, described what they accomplished with UNICEF KidPower. They said, “By getting active, we can save lives by using our KidPower bands. A UNICEF KidPower band is like a Fit-Bit, but for each step, we get one point. Every day our count starts over. (0 steps, 0 points) After getting 10 points, it unlocks an RUTF packet to send to malnourished children. The RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) is a paste made of peanuts, nutrients, and vitamins. With the RUTF, malnourished kids can grow big and strong…just ‘cause we help out and get active every day. It’s amazing! We move around and save lives!” 

HeroRats was described by Caleb and Johan. They stated, “HeroRats isn’t the best name, we know. However, it’s for a really good reason. We’ve been “adopting” two HeroRats for a few weeks; their names are: Ikemba and Chewa. They’re 3ft long rats, pretty cool huh? They help the people of Eastern African countries. The rats help by sensing the presence of a landmine, so their trainer can dispose of the mine. The rats we sponsor help the African countries by disposing of landmines placed in awful civil wars.” 

Emma and Marlena described the SoleHope project in which they were engaged. “Another project we have is donating old jeans to SoleHope. Sole Hope is an organization that makes shoes out of denim for kids in Uganda. They make these shoes because the kids are getting jiggers (parasites) in their feet. The jiggers have to be surgically removed, but all they have to do that with is a safety pin or sharp stick. These pins can transfer the HIV Aids virus and cause the kids’ feet to bleed and get infected. So, these shoes are making it so kids don’t get jiggers.”

Author: Barbara Stevens, Newman Elementary

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