Hillside Music Program Performs at Music in the Parks

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Hillside Middle School’s performing art programs celebrated another wonderful year of success through their most highly anticipated event. On May 20, Hillside’s Band 2, Orchestra 2, and Mixed Choir performed at The Music in the Parks Festival. This event is an opportunity for students and teachers to showcase their finest work and to celebrate a year of hard work with some fun.

During the morning hours, each musical group performs at a school in the Davis County area. The performances are adjudicated and results are announced at an awards ceremony held in the Lagoon Amusement Park. In the hours between the performances and the award ceremony, participants can choose to go to Lagoon and enjoy the rides and other activities.

Hillside consistently receives high ratings for their performances. Included are each of the musical programs’ musical selections and the awards they received.

  • Band 2 performed “Arabian Dances” and “Knights of Destiny” and received a 1st place award.
  • Orchestra 2 performed "Geometric Dances" and "Farandole" and received a 1st place award.
  • Mixed Choir performed “Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burnin’”, “Homeward Bound”, and “River in Judea”. Mixed Choir received a 1st place award.

Author: Cari Fifield, Hillside Middle School

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