District Teacher of the Year

  • Teacher of the Year announcement being made
  • Erin being congratulated
  • Erin being congratulated
  • Erin Newsome

And the District Teacher of the Year is... Erin Newsome! The surprise announcement was made this morning by Superintendent Dr. Alexa Cunningham at Horizonte Instruction and Training Center, where Erin teaches language arts. 

Erin has dedicated her teaching career to the unique challenges and opportunities of an alternative school community. Erin is a third-generation teacher serving at-risk youth. Her mother and grandmother both taught at Horizonte and as a result, Erin grew up believing that all students deserve a quality education, especially the most vulnerable. Erin is a fierce advocate for her students.

Erin works tirelessly to bring her students opportunities for future success. She diligently works with her students to prepare them for college and/or vocational training as they desire. Erin works closely with Horizonte's scholarship advisors and the Salt Lake Community College First Year Experience team to better prepare Horizonte graduates for college and technical education success. Many of Erin's students are the first in their family to attend college. Some are even the first to earn a high school diploma.

Erin loves going to work each day and thrives on the challenges teaching brings. She is passionate about her work. Erin is loved by her students and many return each year to give her updates on their lives and to thank her for being a positive support for them.

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