Youth Teaching Youth Science Program

  • Edison students learning science

Edison fourth-grade students have been working hard using their investigative skills in science this year. These Edison students has been very fortunate to have a program directed by the Natural History Museum of Utah called Youth Teaching Youth come to our school and teach them science.

Youth Teaching Youth is a program that has students from Glendale Middle School and science experts from the museum come into the fourth-grade classes and teach science with hands-on specimens. The program focuses on fourth-grade core standards.

Youth Teaching Youth comes to each class for one hour, four times a year. Each time Youth Teaching Youth visits they bring Glendale students with them to be the teachers. During each visit, the fourth-grade class is split into four different groups. Each group spends around fifteen minutes with a Glendale student exploring different science specimens, and then they rotate to another Glendale student until they have participated in all four activities. Edison students are encouraged to use all of their senses to investigate fossils, rocks, animal bones, etc… Edison fourth-grade students have had the opportunity to learn about animal adaptations, fossils, rocks, and minerals.

This program has provided Edison students with the opportunity to have hands on experiences with specimens they are learning about in their science classes. The students love to investigate and make inferences about the specimens.  

Author: Jennifer Riggs, Edison Elementary

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