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Uintah Unicorn students celebrated their artistic visions of the visual arts as well as their joy of music at the annual arts night tradition on Friday, May 12th. Uintah believes that all children should create through the visual arts, music, dance and drama to have a complete education with the other subject cores taught. Through the arts, our students learn to develop their point of view while respecting the point of view of others.

Sponsored by our wonderful PTA and the Art committee, families enjoyed dinner, cool art activities, art auctions, handmade student art market and student musical performances. Community businesses also supported this event. Besides the 2-D art, our students, k-6 created ceramics, iPad art and incorporated LED lights with lithium batteries to combine science with art. Both floors of the school building were lit up with this artsy engineering.

It was a joy to hear the students share their thoughts about their art to their families.

“I love art because it’s something that helps you be happy if you are feeling down. I also love art because it makes me feel like I am a famous artist in all different kinds of ways” -Uintah student

“I love art because I can come up with cool things to make and draw. I can make it look like I was next to dinosaurs with a huge piece of paper”- Uintah student

During the school year, there were many devoted Uintah parents helping students in the classrooms with their art specialist. Many amazing Uintah parents inspired music in the classrooms while our incredible music teachers taught the students to love and play music.

Many artsy bravos for all those Uintah Unicorns and their families who made this night a big success!

Author: Kody Colvin, Uintah Elementary

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