Beacon Heights Community Gathers to Celebrate Art

  • hallway filled with art projects

Beacon Heights recently celebrated their yearly Art Night. Students displayed their visual art and showed their performing arts they had been working on since the beginning of the year. The walls and halls of the school were decorated with paintings, murals, and 3-D sculpture to show off a year of creativity and artistic talent.

Beacon Heights was packed full with parents, students, teachers and other community members all to admire the hard work of the students.

“Art Night reminds me of the old pioneer barn raising,” Principal Rae Louie said of Art Night. “The whole community came together to build a beautiful new structure, each had a particular job, but together they accomplished so much. When the barn was finished, they enjoyed the fruits of that labor of love together through a celebration. We want to encourage our new families to enjoy the bond Beacon families have for each other, to celebrate as a family the work of all of our students, and to see where they can fit to help Beacon become stronger. A big hug and thank you to all the parents who support us through their financial donations, their time with PTA, SCC, and their most precious donation of time to help our children.

Art Night is also a night where Beacon Heights earns funds from community donations to support arts programs for the coming year. However, the evening was more of a celebration than anything.

“Art night is not just about raising money to pay for next year's dance and theater experiences, but a time for our community to come together as one, at a very beautiful part of our school year,” principal Rae Louie said. “We hope to celebrate together in a very family way, the hard work and learning of all of our children.”

Congratulations to all Beacon Heights students who transformed the hallways of their school into a beautiful gallery of artistic work.

Author: Amber Callister, Beacon Heights Elementary

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