Another Season of Fantastic Operas at Whittier

  • Whittier students performing

Carol Flower’s first-grade class and Tonya Aiken’s fourth-grade class at Whittier Elementary delivered fantastic student-created operas through Opera by Children. The students sang with enthusiasm, conviction, and were succinct in their acting skills.

The first-grade class wrote their opera about the International Space Station and how different animals needed to work together to create a spaceship to get back animals that had been kicked off the station. The fourth-grade class wrote theirs about Utah history and the archaeologists and geologists dealt with an Allosaurus as they taught about working together as different scientists.

The students each wrote their own student generated opera. Then, they had a music specialist come in and collect their melodies that they created and she made an accompaniment. Next, they created their own scenery by painting large refrigerator boxes, and finally, they produced their own actions to portray their opera. As usual, the operas were fun, engaging, and the audience was captured by the unique melodies and acting of all the students.

For years to come, history and science will never be forgotten by those who participated in these operas.

Author: Tony Madsen, Whittier Elementary

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