Beacon Heights Students Learn How to Hoedown

  • Beacon Heights students dancing

Kindergarten through sixth-grade students came into the Beacon Heights gymnasium dressed in western attire to learn historic and modern square dancing last week. Students were grouped into boy/girl partnerships before going into the assembly. Over the next hour, students learned tidbits of history and social etiquette. They learned country line dances as well as other modern square dances.

Although hesitant at first, the students warmed up quickly by doing the Hokey Pokey and other basic dances that got students moving. After warming up, students sashayed, jumped, heel toed, and circled around their partners throughout the gymnasium. By the end of the assembly, all students appeared comfortable and were having a good time.

Jameson Pace, a third grader said at the beginning he was “horrified.” He said the thought of dancing with a girl made him not want to go to the assembly. By the time the assembly was over, Jameson’s friend, Colin Hales, added “Jameson said when it was over, it wasn’t so bad. He said it was kinda fun.”

Ashwin Gurusankar, a second grader agreed saying, “I thought I would die,” he added, “since [dancing with a girl] is not really what I like doing.”

By the time the assembly was over, Ashwin said, “I guess it wasn’t so bad.” He added that his partner could dance the way he liked.

Principal Rae Louie added, “Nothing makes my heart happier than to see kids enjoying dance! The Western Hoedown was so fun, and it showed what amazing kids we have; not one student hesitated in joining in the fun!”

ARTS, Inc. (an acronym for Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students) and Duane and Shauna Woodmansee, coordinated the assembly. Duane and Shauna are a couple that have been sharing their love of western dance for more than 30 years.

Author: Amber Callister, Beacon Heights Elementary

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