Bringing Supplies to Guatemala

  • A classroom in Guatemala

Cristina Shrum, a fourth-grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary, had the opportunity to travel to San Juan Ostenculco, Guatemala this spring and visit a private school there. Knowing that this was an opportunity for her students too, she asked them to prepare informational packets for the Guatemalan students about Utah. Her students were curious about what school was like in Guatemala, so Mrs. Shrum returned with pictures and cards for them to explore.

Before she left on her trip, Mrs. Shrum collected extra supplies from teachers and donations from families to take to the school. She took four boxes full of classroom and art materials for the students. While in Guatemala, Mr. Shrum visited the school each day and learned about their daily schedule and routines. She was impressed with the fact that each grade level had workbooks and matching notebooks to practice in. She reported that the teachers, supplies, schedules, specials classes, and such were more than adequate.

Next year, Mrs. Shrum hopes she can continue and expand this partnership by exchanging letters throughout the year. She hopes to facilitate a cultural dialogue that will benefit both her students at Lincoln and also the students in Guatemala.

Author: Anna Kogan, Lincoln Elementary

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