Edison Students Step Up as After School Reading Experts

  • Edison's reading experts

Everyone that has walked into Edison Elementary knows how extraordinary our students are. Our students are hardworking, loving kids that always strive for greatness and our fifth-grade “reading experts” are no exception.

Edison is lucky enough to have five fifth-grade students that stay after school every day to read with third and fourth-grade students that need a little reading help. Edwin Mukic, David Mattena, Louise Lakjohn, Meleseini Kinikini, and Sebastian Bernal stay after school every day for an hour to read with third and fourth-grade students that need reading tutoring. These “reading experts” work with Ms. Marcelyn every day after school for one hour. They are selfless, kind children that want to help others.

As a reward for all their hard work, the fourth-grade teachers and Ms. Marcelyn decided to take the reading experts on a Saturday field trip. The field trip started with Mrs. Riggs and Ms. Marcelyn taking the students out to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. This was a time for the teachers and students to talk and bond about everyday life. After lunch, we headed to Clark’s Planetarium. The Planetarium was full of exciting exhibits; all of the exhibits were interactive! We even watched a 3D movie focused on the animals of the Amazon. The field trip was a rewarding day for not only the students, but also for the teachers.

Our reading experts are a great example of kindness. Most ten and eleven-year-old students would not give up an hour a day of their free time to help other children. They are amazing students that are a perfect example of Edison students and what Edison Elementary stands for.

Author: Jennifer Riggs, Edison Elementary

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