Vendors wishing further details on the awarding of the bid may contact the Purchasing Department during regular business hours, M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in order to review the Bid Summary Sheet(s).

Bid/Quote Number Description Date Awarded Awarded Vendor
TH1675-HHR Highland High Handicap Ramp June 6, 2106 Ascent Construction
TF1676-ELD Secondary ELD Curriculum, Grades 7-12 May 31, 2016 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
TF1677-PE Playground Equipment - Riley Elementary May 23, 2016 Multiple Award
TH1611-C Calendars for District Storeroom May 9, 2016 Office Depot
JB1671-HRM Highland High School Restroom Remodel May 5, 2016 Daw Construction
JB1674-HHS Highland High School Phase II Heating Supply & Return Line Replacement May 4, 2016 Briskey Plumbing Specialists
JB1669-OPC Open Classroom Kitchen and Cafeteria A/C Installation May 4, 2016 Carman Refrigeration
JB1672-HCR Horizonte Classroom Remodel May 4, 2016 Daw Construction
JB1662-NCP North Star Elementary Cabling Re-Wiring Project April 26, 2016 Cache Valley Electric
TH1610-RRB Railroad Board for District Storeroom April 13, 2016 Southwest School & Office Supply
TF1673-KI Kitchen Supplies - CNP April 8, 2016 Bintz Restaurant Supply
TH1666-PB Paper & Board Supplies for District Storeroom April 8, 2016 Multiple Award
JB1667-ER Escalante Elementary Roof Replacement April 7, 2016 Clark's Quality Roofing
JB1659-EH-SBF-STAGE II East High School Softball Field - Stage II April 7, 2016 Acme Construction
TF1670-KS Kitchen Supplies April 6, 2016 Standard Restaurant Supply
JB1664-TR East High School Track Renovation April 6, 2016 Beynon Sports Surfaces
TH1665-OS Office Supplies for District Storeroom April 4, 2016 Multiple Award
JB1660-SCP Small Construction & Remodeling Project Services- Stage I April 4, 2016 Multiple Award
TH1608-AC Arts & Crafts Supplies for District Storeroom April 1, 2016 Multiple Award
JB1663-CI Carpet Installation Services March 31, 2016 Multiple Award
JB1661-RP Rose Park Kitchen HVAC Upgrade March 31, 2016 Wasatch Heating & Air
TH1607-AS Athletic Supplies for District Storeroom March 29, 2016 Multiple Award
TH1609-SS School Supplies for District Storeroom March 28, 2016 Multiple Award
TH1606-FA First Aid Supplies for District Storeroom March 22, 2016 Multiple Award
JB1649-AE Architectural and Engineering Services March 9, 2016 Multiple Award
JB1654-SPS Interior/Exterior Sign & Banner Production & Printing Services March 3, 2016 Vision Graphics
JB1658-FSI Five Year Sprinkler Inspections, Repairs & Maintanence March 1, 2016 Cottle Fire Protection
JB1659-SBF East & West High School Softball Fields- Stage I Advancement to Stage II March 1, 2016 Multiple Award
TF1655-NAC USDA Natural American Cheese Processing - Cheese Products February 22, 2016 Bongards
TF1652-MS Moving Services February 22, 2016 Bailey's Moving & Storage
JB1653-FACO Fire Alarm & CO Detection Projects February 18, 2016 Wasatch Electric
JB1616-SB Highland High Stadium Building February 18, 2016 Paulsen Construction
TF1656-T USDA Turkey Processing - Turkey Products February 17, 2016 Jennie-O
TF1657-FP Cambro Food Pans and Lids February 5, 2016 Standard Restaurant Equip
TH1644-YBG15 Yearbook Printing Services & Graduation Supplies January 21, 2016 Multiple Award
JB1641-LE Lincoln Elementary Replacement - Stage Two February 3, 2016 Hughes General Contractor
JB1648-AS Architectural Services for East High School & West High School Sports Fields January 20, 2016 MHTN
TF1645-KM Kitchen Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services January 15, 2016 Mutiple Award
JB1551-GPS GPS Tracking System January 6, 2016 Synovia Solutions
JB1647-HPR West High Heating Pump Replacement January 6, 2016 Carson Plumbing
JB1651-CL Milestone License/Axis Surveillance Camera January 5, 2016 Stone Security
JB1616-SB Highland High Stadium Bldg-Stage One December 17, 2015 Multiple Award Advancement to Stage Two
JB1646-SAC East High School 4th Floor Communication Room A/C December 15, 2015 Carman Refrigeration
JB1640-RTU Remove Existing RTU and Install New Unit - Highland High December 10, 2015 Air Systems
JB1641-LE Lincoln Elementary Replacement- Stage One December 9, 2015 Mulitple Award Advancement to Stage Two
TH1639-HHA Auditorium Sound System at Highland High School December 3, 2015 Poll Sound
JB1634-SPSS Superintendent Professional Search Services December 2, 2015 Atlantic Research Partners
JB1637-AC Emerson Elementary Computer Lab A/C November 11, 2015 Carman Refrigeration
JB1638-SAC West High School Communication Room A/C November 11, 2015 MHI Service
JB1629-LMS Learning Management System November 5, 2015 Public School Works
JB1628-RW Wiring Upgrades at Nibley Park Elementary November 5, 2015 Americom
JB1627-RW Wiring Upgrades at Beacon Heights Elementary November 5, 2015 Americom
TF1635-SC Cambro Cold Pan Serving Counter November 4, 2015 Resco
JB1632-LED Dental Design & Equipment Distribution Services - Lincoln Elementary November 4, 2015 Patterson Dental Supply
JB1636-HPR West High Heating Pump Replacement November 3, 2015 Cancelled-Will re-bid at a later Date
JB1633-JE Jackson Elementary Communication Room October 30, 2015 Carman Refrigeration
JB1631-MV Mountain View CLC - Remodel October 21, 2015 Arnell-West
JB1630-WM Waste Materials Collection Services October 13, 2015 Ace Recycling & Disposal
JB1625-CHP Chill/Heating Pumps - Franklin Elementary October 6, 2015 Cancelled- Will Not be Re-Bid
JB1624-AW Highland High School Art Wing Heating System Upgrade September 29, 2015 Innovative Sheet Metal
TH1605-B Binders- District Storeroom September 9, 2015 Southwest School & Office Supply
JB1623-CT Community Track - Rose Park Elementary September 3, 2015 Miller Paving
TH1622-PB Paper & Board Supplies- District Storeroom September 2, 2015 Multiple Award
TH1621-SS School Supplies- District Storeroom August 24, 2015 Multiple Award
TH1620-OS Office Supplies- District Storeroom August 21, 2015 Multiple Award
TH1619-AC Arts & Crafts Supplies- District Storeroom August 17, 2015 Multiple Award
TH1604-AS Athletic Supplies- District Storeroom August 7, 2015 Multiple Award
JB1613-CG Recertify Chill Guard PPEs August 6, 2015 MHI Services
JB1612-CD Cell Deck/Tower Media Replacement August 6, 2015 MHI Services
JB1615-EH Baseball Field Renovation- East High School August 6, 2015 Erickson Landscape
TH1603-FA First Aid Supplies for District Storeroom August 6, 2015 Multiple Award
JB1614-LR Glendale Middle School Lighting Retrofit July 27, 2015 Sturgeon Electric
JB1611-COMP Salt Lake Center for Science Education Compressor Replacement July 22, 2015 Commercial Mechanical
TH1602-K Kleenex Facial Tissue- District Storeroom July 15, 2015 Hylon Koburn (Hyko)
TH1601-MS Misc. Supplies- District Storeroom July 8, 2015 Multiple Award
JB1609-CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) July 7, 2015 School Dude
JB1606-IS Mobile Device Management Services July 6, 2015 Lightspeed Systems


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