Vendors wishing further details on the awarding of the bid may contact the Purchasing Department during regular business hours, M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in order to review the Bid Summary Sheet(s).

Bid/Quote Number Description Date Awarded Awarded Vendor
JB1533-HV Healthy Vending June 24, 2014 T & B Vending
JB1534-JE Replace Operable Panel at Jackson Elementary School June 23, 2014 B & B Specialties
JB1512-AS Auditing Service June 18, 2014 Squire & Company
JB1540-MC Mobile Classroom for North Star Elementary School June 16, 2014 M Space Holdings
JB1538-HM Lighting Control Upgrade at Hillside Middle School June 12, 2014 Cancelled
JB1536-NWM Office VAV Addition at Northwest Middle School June 6, 2014 Air Systems
TF1522-LA Language Arts Curriculum, Grades 6-12 June 5, 2014 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
JB1535-HM Storage Room VAV Addition at Hillside Middle School June 3, 2014 Air Systems
JB1532-JE Remove Existing Ductwork, DX Cooling and Install New at Jackson Elementary School June 3, 2014 Air Systems
JB1530-HH VAV Controls Upgrade at Horizonte High School June 3, 2014 Commercial Mechanical
TH1518-U14 Uniforms for Child Nutrition, Warehouse, and Transportation Departments LOGO 1 , LOGO 2 , LOGO 3 , LOGO 4, LOGO 5 June 2, 2014 Aramark Uniform Services
JB1531-CS Small Project General Construction, Remodeling Services May 29, 2014 Bud Mahas
JB1516-HH Locker Room Renovations at Highland High School May 29, 2014 Bud Mahas
JB1524-HE Split Air Conditioning Unit at Hawthorne Elementary May 29, 2014 KHI Mechanical
JB1528-HV Healthy Vending RFI (Request for Information) N/A N/A
TH1407-CAL 2015 Calendars for District Storeroom May 23, 2014 Pyramid School Products
JB1526-LE HVAC Remodel at Lincoln Elementary May 7, 2014 Air Systems
JB1515-RP Parking Lot Remodel at Rose Park Elementary April 29, 2014 Ridge Rock Inc
JB1523-PE Playground Surface Remodel at Parkview Elementary April 25, 2014 Staker & Parson
JB1521-LE Remodel of Student Restrooms and Conference Room at Lincoln Elementary April 24, 2014 Rueckert Construction
JB1520-FE Roof Replacement at Franklin Elementary April 24, 2104 Noorda Architectural
JB1519-UE Roof Replacement at Uintah Elementary April 24, 2014 Noorda Architectural
JB1525-RM Rotary Mower April 22, 2014 RMT Equipment
TH1510-PB Paper & Board Supplies for District Storeroom April 15, 2014 Multiple Award
JB1509-II Independent Investigator for Employee Relations April 14, 2014 Thompson, Ostler & Olsen
TF1515-FS Floor Scrubbers April 10, 2014 Brady Industries
TF1514-CE Carpet Extractors April 10, 2014 Waxie
JB1510-DE Remove & Replace existing fan/dampers and controls for AHU1 at Dilworth Elementary April 9, 2013 KHI Mechanical
JB1511-HE Remove & Replace Roof Top Air Conditioning Unit (RTU) at Hawthorne Elementary April 9, 2014 KHI Mechanical
TH1512-R14 Kenwood Radios for District Communications ADDENDUM 1 April 7, 2014 Bid Cancelled
JB1498-SI Site Improvements at Wasatch Elemetary ADDENDUM 1 April 2, 2014 Acme Construction
JB1504-UE Remove existing VAV and install new VAV at Uintah Elementary March 31, 2014 MHI Services
JB1507-FR East High School Gymnasium Floors and Dance Room Floor Refinish Work March 31, 2014 Croft & Beck
JB1506-EE Remove and replace existing roof top RTU at Ensign Elementary March 31, 2014 Commercial Mechanical
JB1503-RP New Split A/C System for Communication Room at Rose Park Elementary March 31, 2014 Air Systems
JB1505-EE Add DX Cooling to Computer Lab at Escalante Elementary March 31, 2014 Air Systems

Re-pipe Cooling Coils and Cooling Tower at Newman Elementary

March 26, 2014 Archer Mechanical
TH1509-SS School Supplies for District Storeroom March 26, 2014 Multiple Award
JB1500-EL Drainage Improvements- Edison Elementary and Salt Lake Center for Science Education March 26, 2014 Great Basin Development
JB1508-FR Highland High School Gymnasium Floors Refinish Work March 26, 2014 Soriano Floor Finishing LLC
TH1508-OS Office Supplies for District Storeroom March 24, 2014 Multiple Award
JB1501-ES Elevator Service and Repair March 24, 2014 Carson Elevators
TH1507-AC Arts & Crafts Supplies for District Storeroom March 19, 2014 Multiple Award
TH1405-FA First Aid Supplies for District Storeroom March 12, 2014 Multiple Award
TH1406-AS Athletic Supplies for District Storeroom March 10, 2014 Multiple Award
M1495-RT Recruitment and Tracking Software, Addendum #1, January 16, 2014 Aspex Solutions
TF1496-FS Food Service Supplies January 10, 2014 Thompson & Little
M1495-LR Lighting Retrofit at Northwest Middle School December 19, 2013 Hidden Peak Electric
TH1483-OR13 Online Retail Solution December 12, 2013 IPS
M1493-TP Power to Heater Outlets at Bus Terminals December 3, 2013 All-Tech Electric
M131107 13 Snow Blowers November 15, 2013 Lowe's
M1482-GM Grounds Maintenance (modified to snow removal only at specific locations) November 20, 2013 Bid Canceled
TH1490-OS Office Supplies- District Storeroom October 24, 2013 Multiple Award
TH1491-SS School Supplies- District Storeroom October 23, 2013 Multiple Award
TH1492-PB Paper & Board Supplies- District Storeroom October 23, 2013 Multiple Award
TH1489-AC Arts & Crafts Supplies- District Storeroom October 4, 2013 Multiple Award
TH1404-AS Athletic Supplies- District Storeroom Sept 20, 2013 Multiple Award
TH1403-FA First Aid Supplies- District Storeroom Sept 20, 2013 Multiple Award
M1488-SP Additional Rooftop Solar Arrays for Mt. View CLC Sep 11, 2013 Gardner Engineering
M1487-SL East High Science Lab Remodel Sep 11, 2013 Daw Construction
M1486-PL Parking Lot for Lincoln Elementary Sep 11, 2013 Kilgore Contracting
M1485-MC Double wide Mobile Classroom Sep 3, 2013 M-Space Holdings
TH1402-OS Office Supplies- Storeroom Sept 3, 2013 Multiple Award
M1484-WR ADA Accessible Ramp at West High Aug 27, 2013 Chad Husband Construction
M13-8-7 Vending Services for Mt. View Community Learning Center Aug 28, 2013 PGI Services
M1477A-M13 Multi-Year Nursery Plants Aug 20, 2013 John Deere Landscapes
TF1480-TC HP OEM Toner Cartridges Aug 9, 2013 Multiple Award
M1440-SQP Qualification & Performance for A & E Services Aug 7, 2013 All Applicants Qualified
TH1474-SS Auditorium Sound System Replacement/Upgrade Aug 1, 2013 Poll Sound
TF1481-SH Sharp OEM Toner Cartridges and Supplies July 31, 2013 Les Olson and Company
TF1473-P Sliced Pizzeria-Style Pizza (USDA Commodity Mozzarella Cheese Processing) July 26, 2013 5 Buck Pizza
TH1401-SB Salad Bowls July 25, 2013 Preferred Packaging
M1466A-M13 Multi-Year Grounds Materials July 25, 2013 Geneva Rock
M1479-M13 Multi-Year Electric Motor & Equipment Repair July 23, 2013 Diamond Electric
M1478-M13 Multi-Year Large Generator Repairs July 23, 2013 Energy Management
M1467-SP Rooftop Solar Arrays System MVCLC July 23, 2013 Intermountain Wind & Solar
M1470-GR Gravel Removal and Grass Replacement July 18, 2013 BioGrass Sod Farms
TH1471-A13 Automotive Repairs, parts, maintenance services July 17, 2013 Multiple Award
M1476-M13 Multi-Year General Electric Work July 16, 2013 Taylor Electric
M1472-M13 Multi-Year Parking Lot Sweeping July 16, 2013 Hi-Point Property Services
M1475-M13 Multi-Year Site Utility Repairs (Fire Systems) July 15, 2013 A. R. M.
M1460A-M13 Multi-Year Propane Buffer Engines July 15, 2013 Professional Janitoral
M1457-HA Auditorium Seating Highland High July 10, 2013 NORCON
TF1465-PR Fresh Produce and Services July 9, 2013 Joe Granato, Inc.
M1468-M13 Multi-Year Fire Sprinkler Repair and Inspections July 5, 2013 Delta Fire Systems
TH1469-E13 Multi-Year for Physical Ability Testing/ Fitness for Duty Exams July 3, 2013 Multiple Award

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