Vendors wishing further details on the awarding of the bid may contact the Purchasing Department during regular business ours, M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in order to review the Bid Summary Sheet(s).

Bid/Quote Number Description Date Awarded Awarded Vendor
M1463A-M13 Muli-year - Drain Cleaning July 8, 2013 A.R.S. Rescue Rooter
M1464-M13 Ductwork - Fabrication and Installation June 27, 2013 Air Systems
M1462-M13 Multi-year Graffiti Removal June 24, 2013 Clean-It-Right
M1455-RM Large Area Diesel Mower June 19, 2013 Rocky Mountain Turf Equipment
M1456-M13 Multi-year Water Treatment for use District Wide June 19, 2013 W.E.S.T. Inc.
M1461-M13 Multi-year Sod for use District Wide June 19, 2013 BioGrass Sod Farms
M1459-MV Artificial Turf for Mountian View Elementary June 13, 2013 Rocky Mt. Artificial Turf
M1458-UT Artificial Turf for Uintah Elementary June 13, 2013 Rocky Mt. Artificial Turf
M1454-TM Artificial Turf for Meadowlark Elementary June 13, 2013 Rocky Mt. Artificial Turf
M1453-TI Artificial Turf for Indian Hills Elementary June 13, 2013 Rocky Mt. Artificial Turf
M1451-TB Artificial Turf for Backman Elementary June 13, 2013 Rocky Mt. Artificial Turf
M1450-M13 Multi-Year Annual Asphalt Repairs June 12, 2013 Peckham Asphalt & Paving
TH1416-ERP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management System- Columbus Community Center June 10, 2013 Premier Computing
TF-1424-LA Language Arts Curriculum, Grades 6-12 June 7, 2013 Cancelled - No Award
Notice ELD Curriculum Materials June 6, 2013 Cancelled - No Award
M1444-RP Renovation of Rose Park Elementary Offices May 29, 2013 DAW Construction
M1449-LR Resurface Parking Lot & Play Area at Lincoln Elementary May 29, 2013 Morgan Asphalt
M1443-N HVAC Projects at Newman Elementary May 29, 2013 KHI Mechanical
M1448-MP Poured in Place Rubber under Meadowlark Kindergarten Play Structures May 29, 2013 Play & Park Structures
M1445-LP Poured in Place Rubber for Lincoln Play Area May 29, 2013 Flexground NV
M1442-WC Upgrade Play Pit at Wasatch Elementary May 29, 2013 Quality Time Recreation
TF1447-PT Piano Tuning, Minor Repair & Regulation May 28, 2013 Ballard Musical Services
M1439-NB Upgrade Boilers at Northwest Middle school May 17, 2013 Combustion & Controls
M1428-MP Design Playground Structures for Meadowlark and Lincoln May 13, 2013 Multipal Award
M1435-LR Remodel of Office and Entrance to Lincoln May 13, 2013 Copper Valley Construction
M1434-IS Irrigation System & New Grass at Franklin May 13, 2013 Legacy Landscape
M1433-IS Irrigation System for Hawthorne May 10, 2013 Legacy Landscape
M1432-IS Irrigation System for Lincoln May 10, 2013 Legacy Landscape
TH1306-CAL Calendars for District Storeroom May 8, 2013 Pyramid School Products
M1438-BP Upgrade Play Area at Backman May 8, 2013 Flexground, NV
M1437-WP Upgrade Play Area at Wasatch Elementary May 8, 2013 Flexground, NV
M1436-BA Asphalt for New Parking Lot at Backman Elementary May 8, 2013 Miller Paving
M1426-PP Pavement Painting District Wide May 1, 2013 RW Striping
M1427-E HVAC in Classrooms and Boiler for Edison Elementary May 1, 2013 Air Systems
M1430-EP Upgrade Playground Area at Edison Elementary Apr 26, 2013 Flexground Nevada
M1431-W HVAC Upgrade at Whittier Elementary Apr 25, 2013 Carman Refrigeration
M1329-MR Re-Roof Mountain View Elementary School Apr 25, 2013 Layton Roofing
M1425-NS Re-Roof North Star Elementary School Apr 25, 2013


M1414-HR Re-Roof Horizonte Instruction Center Apr 25, 2013 Warburton's
M1422-E PIP Protective Surface at Escalante Elementary Apr 21, 2013 FlecGround Nevada
M1423-B HVAC Upgrade for Backman Elementary Apr 19, 2013 KHI Mechanical
M1421-H HVAC for Horizonte Communications Room Apr 18, 2013 Air Systems
TF220-BH Hatco Gas Booster Heater Apr 15, 2013 Restaurant & Store Equipment
TH1420-PB Paper & Board Supplies for District Storeroom Mar 29, 2013 Multiple Award
TH1418-OS Office Supplies for District Storeroom Mar 27, 2013 Multiple Award
TH1419-SS School Supplies for District Storeroom Mar 25, 2013 Multiple Award
M1415-SR Sewing Workstations for East High School Mar 25, 2013 Huetter Mill
TH1417-AC Arts & Crafts Supplies for District Storeroom Mar 21, 2013 Multiple Award
M1412-PG Playground System for the Open Classroom Mar 21, 2013 LuckyDog Recreation (Picture Perfect Playground)
TH1304-FA First Aid Supplies for District Storeroom Mar 12, 2013 Multiple Award
TH1305-AS Athletic Supplies for District Storeroom Mar 08, 2013 Multiple Award
M1413-EO HVAC Projects at Escalante Elementary Office & Boiler room Mar 04, 2013 KHI Mechanical
M1411-BC HVAC Project for West High Classrooms Mar 04, 2013 Air Systems Inc.
M1410-BR HVAC Project for Dilworth Elementary Boiler Room Mar 04, 2013 Air Systems Inc.
M1409-CL HVAC Project for Dilworth Elementary Computer Lab Mar 04, 2013 Air Systems Inc.
TF1408-T USDA Frozen Turkey A534 Feb 28, 2013 Jennie-O
M1407-DR Lighting Retrofit at Dilworth Elementary Feb 20, 2013 Taylor Electric
M1406-WR Lighting Retrofit at Whittier Elementary Feb 20, 2013 CR Lighting & Electric
M1405-LS Lighting Retrofit in Gym of SL Center for Science Education Feb 20, 2013 CR Lighting & Electric
M1383-LS School Lunch Accounting System Feb 12, 2013 Horizon Software International
M1403-M Marquee for Meadowlark Elementary School Feb 08, 2013 Rainbow Neon Sign
M1395-BC Replacement of Security Cameras for 30 Buses Jan 22, 2013 Utah Communications
M1375-iP Programming Enhancements to iPest Manager Program Jan 04, 2013 Software Technology Group
M1393-BM District Wide Boiler Maintenance Dec 21, 2012 KHI Mechanical
M1402-TF Redo Fence at Tennis Court of East High Dec 20, 2012 American Fence
M1401-W Upgrade Electrical in Fan Room Washington Elementary Dec 19, 2012 Carman Refrigeration
M1400-L Upgrade HVAC in Room 28 - Lincoln Elementary Dec 19, 2012 Carman Refrigeration
M1399-EH Upgrade A/C in Communications Room East High Dec 19, 2012 Carman Refrigeration
M1397-HH Upgrade Ventilation System Highland High Dec 19, 2012 Rocky Mountain Mechanical
M1396-MP Upgrade Filteration System at Nibley park Dec 19, 2012 Carman Refrigeration
TF-211 Cambro Camlite Trays Dec 4, 2012 Restaurant & Store Equipment
TF1385-F Food, Supplies, and Services Nov 28, 2012 Sysco Intermountain
M1368-IM Instructional Management Syste, Nov 20, 2012 Illuminate Education
M1391-UV Utility Vehicles for Custodian Department Nov 12, 2012

Intermountain Golf Cars

M1390-F Fencing for Lincoln and Nibley Park Nov 20, 2012 Cancelled
TH1389-PB Storeroom- Paper & Board Supplies Nov 5, 2012 Multiple Award
TF202 Lakeside Utility Carts Oct 29, 2012 Standard Restaurant Equipment
TH1388-SS Storeroom- School Supplies Oct 27, 2012 Multiple Award
TH1387-OS Storeroom- Office Supplies Oct 26, 2012 Multiple Award
TH1386-AC Storeroom- Arts & Crafts Supplies Oct 24, 2012 Multiple Award
TF1384-CT Cambro Food Trays Oct 17, 2012 Calico Industries Inc
TH1303-FA Storeroom- First Aid Supplies Oct 15, 2012 Multiple Award
TH1302-AS Storeroom- Athletic Supplies Oct 12, 2012 Multiple Award
TF1382-FS Food Service Equipment Sep 26, 2012 Standard Restaurant Equipment
M1381-M12 Engineered Wood Fiber Sep 25, 2012 Sof'Solutions
M1378-AT Artificial Turf for North Star Elementary Sep 21, 2012 Turf-N-Wasatch
TF1380-HC Winston Industries Holding Cabinets Sep 21, 2012 Commercial Kitchen Supply
TF1379-MC True Milk Coolers Sep 21, 2012 Restaurant & Store Equipment
M1376-W Retaining Wall Redo at Indian Hills Elementary Sep 18, 2012 Legacy Landscape
TF1377-S Bread Slicers Sep 14, 2012 Standard Restaurant Equipment
M12-8-28 Extend Electrical Power for Marquees Sep 13, 2012 Taylor Electric
M1370-U Utility Tracking Software Addendum 1, Sep 05,2012 Utility Management Services
M1373-NW Wall Marquee/Sign for Northwest Middle School Addendum 1, August 23, 2012 Rainbow Neon Sign Co.
TH1301-MS Misc. Supplies for District Storeroom August 20, 2012 Multiple Award
M1372-M Wall Marquee for Nibley Park Elementary Addendum 1, 2 August 17, 2012 Allied Electric Sign & Awning
M1369-S Roof Top Mounted Decorative Screen Adendum 1, August 8, 2012 Veritas Inc
M1367-C Multi-Functional Cleaning Machines August 6, 2012 Waxie Sanitary Supply
M1366-B Propane Burnishers August 6, 2012 Brady Industries
M1365-M12 Multi-Year Elevator Maintenance & REpair July 25, 2012 Thyssenkrupp Elevator
M1364-M12 Roofing Maintenance and Repairs July 18, 2012 Mutli-Award LaytonRoofing and T-Co Roofing
M1363-M12 Plumbing Supplies Addendum 1 July 12, 2012 Standard Plumbing Supply
TF194 Labels for Lunch Program Addendum 1 July 6, 2012 Summit Printing
TF1359-D Dairy Products and Services July 5, 2012 Meadow Gold
M1362-P Concrete Retaining Wall, Guardrail Asphalt July 2, 2012 Jordan Valley Construction

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