2010 Bid Awards

Bid/Quote Number Description Date Awarded Awarded Vendor
M1219-OG Rolling mesh door 12-20-2010 Overhead Doors
M1218-D Demolition 12-17-2010 Costello Company
TF1213-F Food, Supplies, and Services 12-08-2010 Awarded to Nicholas & Company
M1216-D Demolition 11-24-2010 Costello Company
TF1215-SC Food Serving Counter Remodel at East High 11-15-2010 Awarded to Custom Stainless Fabrication
TF1214-V Vending Machines 11-10-2010 Mountain Coin Machine Distributors
M1210-B Buffers for custodial 11-05-2010 Hy-KO Maintenance
TF1212-E Cambro Kitchen Equipment 11-05-2010 Restaurant & Store Equipment
TH1107-MS Misc. Supplies for the district storeroom 10-20-2010 Multiple Award
TF1211-A Cambro Kitchen Accessories 10-19-2010 Bintz Restaurant Supply
TH1108-EG Exam Gloves for the District Storeroom 10-13-2010 Medco
TF-109 Food Handling Container 09-17-2010 Stratton Sales & Service
M1206-TS Title Search Services for Real Estate 08-18-2010 Multiple Award
M1204-HP Playground Equipment & Install (ADDENDUM) 08-17-2010 Play Space Design
M1207-M10 Asbestos and mold abatement and removal then re-installation of insulation 08-03-2010 Rocmont Industrial
TH1105-MS Misc. Supplies for the District Storeroom 07-29-2010 Multiple Award
M1150-A Architectural Services For Projects under $600,000 (ADDENDUM) 07-27-2010 Multiple Award
TH1104-PB Paper & Board Supplies for the District Storeroom 07-22-2010 Multiple Award
TH1103-AS Athletic Supplies for the District Storeroom 07-21-2010 Multiple Award
TH1102-FA First Aid Supplies for the District Storeroom 07-15-2010 Medco & Stat Medical
M1200-LR Lighting Retrofits 07-14-2010 Hunt Electric
M1193-FS Facility Services Roof 07-13-2010 Clark Quality Roofing
M1203-TS Tree Service 07-08-2010 Dad's Tree Service
TH1101-K Kleenex for the District Storeroom 07-01-2010 Office Depot
M1199-M10 Flooring Installation 07-01-2010 Robert Reader Installs
M1198-M10 Equipment Rental 07-01-2010 Howe Rentals & Sales
M1197-M10 Top Dressing and Gravel 07-01-2010 Geneva Rock Products
M1194-RR Restroom Remodel at East High School 06-22-2010 Daw Construction
M1184-ER Sealcoat & Restriping 06-16-2010 Staker & Parson
M1191-PH Playground Equipment & Install 06-15-2010 Play & Park Structures
M1174-PG Play Area Designs and Equipment 06-10-2010 Blue Sky & Great Western
TH1189-RF Printed Requisition Forms for the Purchasing Department 06-09-2010 Watkins Printing
M1190-ER Roofing for East High School 06-08-2010 Kendrick Brothers
M1175-GC Play Area Ground Cover (ADDENDUM) 06-08-2010 Buell Recreation
TF1172-P Brand Name Pizza and Services 06-08-2010 5 Buck Pizza
M1192-HP Play Area PIP 06-07-2010 Robertson Industries
M1180-PG Play Area Designs and Equipment (ADDENDUM) 06-07-2010 Blue Sky
TH1014-CAL Calendars for the District Storeroom 06-07-2010 Office Depot & Pyramid School Products
M1156-TA Time and Attendance Program Software (ADDENDUM 1, ADDENDUM 2) 06-04-2010 Kronos
M1182-SR Sealcoat & Restriping 05-28-2010 Kilgore Paving
M1186-AR Sealcoat & Restriping 05-28-2010 Miller Paving
M1181-WR Sealcoat & Restriping 05-28-2010 Kilgore Paving
M1183-CS Sealcoat & Restriping 05-27-2010 Preferred Paving
M1185-HO Sealcoat & Restriping 05-26-2010 Morgan Asphalt
M1187-PA Painting auditorium of East High 05-25-2010 KC Butcher
TF1169-PR Fresh Produce and Services (ADDENDUM 1) 05-23-2010 Joe Granato. Inc.
M1179-RR Roofing 05-21-2010 Heritage Roofing
TF1168-D Dairy Products and Services 05-20-2010 Cream O'Weber
M1176-SC Mechanical 05-20-2010 Great Basin Mechanical
M1177-DX HVAC 05-20-2010 Great Basin Mechanical
M1171-ER Roofing for Emerson Elementary School 05-12-2010 Superior Roofing
M1164-E Electrical Work 04-21-2010 Peerless Electronic
M1167-CT Cooling Tower 04-21-2010 KOH Mechanical
M1149-E Emerson Elementary School Remodel and Addition (ADDENDUM) 04-21-2010 Bud Mahas Construction
TH1013-H Headphones, computer microphones, audio splitters for multiple schools 04-08-2010 Troxell Communications
TF1166-DL Welded Dolly 04-07-2010 A-J Sheet Metal
TH1012-E Envelopes for the District Storeroom 04-01-2010 Office Depot
M1163-R Roofing (ADDENDUM) 03-31-2010 All Weather Waterproffing
TH1161-PB Paper & Board Supplies for the District Storeroom 03-25-2010 Multiple Award
TH1160-AC Arts & Crafts Supplies for the District Storeroom 03-23-2010 Multiple Award
TH1159-OS Office Supplies for the District Storeroom 03-22-2010 Multiple Award
M1153-K Kitchen Equipment 03-22-2010 Commercial Kitchens
TH1158-AS Athletic Supplies for the District Storeoom 03-19-2010 Multiple Award
TH1011-FA First Aid Supplies 03-18-2010 Multiple Award
TH1157-SS School Supplies for the District Storeroom 03-17-2010 Multiple Award
M1154-L Wall Lockers 03-16-2010 R Jorgansen
M1152-G Emergency Generator 03-10-2010 Cummins Rocky Mountain
M1162-P Playground equipment & design 03-09-2010 Great Western Park & Playground
M1155-R Roofing 03-08-2010 Canceled
M1151-S Snow Blowers 02-26-2010 Plaza Cycle
M1148-W Water Heaters 01-14-2010 Great Western Supply

Vendors wishing further details on the awarding of the bid may contact the Purchasing Department during regular business ours, M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in order to review the Bid Analysis Sheet(s).

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