2008 Bid Awards

Bid/Quote Number Description Date Awarded Awarded Vendor
M1092-M08 Boiler Repairs 12-20-08 Harris Co.
TF1089-F Food, Supplies, and Services (Revision 1) 12-17-08 Sysco Intermountain Food Service
TH9008-PP Popcorn Popper 12-03-08 Standard Restaurant Supply
M1042-SA School Safety and Security Assessment (Revision 1 | Revision 2) 11-30-08 National Security Safety Center
M1091-SG Sand and Gravel 11-26-08 Multiple Award
M1090-F Chain-Link Fence 11-25-08 United Fence
TF1084-M Storage, processing, and delivery of USDA MOZZARELLA CHEESE 11-24-08 Schwan's Food Service
TH9007-MS Misc. Supplies for the District Storeroom 11-19-08 Multiple Award
M1085-PJ Fork Lift 11-14-08 H&E Equipment Service
M1087-WP Well parts for escalante school's pond pump 11-13-08 Mike Zimmerman Well Services
TH1081-PB Paper & Board Supplies for the District Storeroom 10-22-08 Multiple Award
TF1082-FE(R) Fitness Equipment 10-20-08 Upper Limit Fitness
TH1080-OS Office Supplies for the Storeroom 10-17-08 Multiple Award
TH1079-AC Arts & Crafts Supplies for the District Storeroom 10-16-08 Multiple Award
M1078-PG Indoor Playground Material 10-07-08 Sof'Solutions
TH9006-SS School Supplies for District Storeroom 09-25-08 Multiple Award
TH9004-AS Athletic Supplies for the Storeroom 09-18-08 Multiple Award
TH9005-FA First Aid Supplies for the Storeroom 09-18-08 Moore Medical
TH9003-E Envelopes 09-15-08 Utah Idaho Supply
M1076-M08 Electrical Work 08-15-08 Taylor Electric
M1075-M08 Spray Herbicide 08-06-08 Great Basin
TF1074-IM Ice Machine for Highland High Cafeteria 08-05-08 Standard Restaurant Equipment
TF1073-GC Lowell West Playground 07-31-08 Play Space Designs
M1072-BC Automatic Control Systems Upgrade 07-30-08 BEH Mechanical
M1071-L Landscape Upgrade 07-30-08 The Elm Company
M1070-M08 Annual Exterior Grounds Maintenance 07-30-08 Rocky Mountain Landscaping
TH1058-U08 Uniforms for Child Nutrition, Distribution Services, and Transportation 07-09-08 Bizwear
M1069-M08 Asphalt Sweeping Services 07-08-08 Hi-Point Property
M1068-S Drought Tolerant Kentucky Blue Grass Sod 07-07-08 Phillips Turf Farm
GM1054-PL Locker Painting 07-03-08 American Office Services
M1065-E Electrical Services 06-30-08 Skyline Electric
M1064-AC Mechanical Services 06-30-08 Archer Mechanical
TF1067-PG Installation of playground equipment 06-24-08 Picture Perfect Playgrounds
M1045-M08 Boiler 06-18-08 MD Boilers
M1061-TC West High Tennis Court 06-18-08 Parkin Construction
TF1063-PG Ensign Elementary Playground Equipment 06-17-08 Multiple Award
M1062-AS Auto Scrubbers 06-17-08 Ball Janitorial
GM1059-RH Re-roofing of Highland Highschool 06-11-08 Kendrick Bros.
M1056-M08 Water Treatment 06-10-08 W.E.S.T.
GM1060-RO Re-roofing for the old Northwest Middle School 06-10-08 Kendrick Bros.
M1049-M08 Asphalt Repairs 06-09-08 Peckham Asphalt
TH8015-CAL Calendars for the Storeroom 06-04-08 Utah Office Solutions
M1057-B New Bleachers at East High 06-02-08 RA Ridges
M1052-D Building Demolition 05-21-08 Grant McKay Co.
M1051-M08 Graffiti Removal 05-15-08 Clean-it-Right
TF1046-P Piano Rental & Services 05-13-08 Riverton Music
TH1047-RF Printed Requisition Forms for the Purchasing Dept 05-12-08 Watkins Printing
GM1048-RR IFB Roof Repair 05-11-08 Kendrick Brothers Roofing
M1043-TR IFB Gas Tank Removal 05-07-08 ET Technologies
TH1038-PB Paper & Board Supplies for the Storeroom 04-29-08 Multiple Award
TH8014-H Household Supplies for the Storeroom 04-24-08 Hyko
M1028-MW Design, Construct and Install an Electric Marquee 04-24-08 Rainbow Neon Sign
M8001 Power hook-up for a new electronic sign 04-24-08 Taylor Electric
M8002 Power hook-up for a new electronic sign 04-21-08 Peerless Electric
TF1044-DW Hobart Dishwasher model #CC4A-1505 04-17-08 Commercial Kitchen Supply
TH1039-AC Arts & Crafts Supplies for the Storeroom 04-16-08 Multiple Award
TH1040-E Envelopes for the Storeroom 04-16-08 Standard Stationery Supply
TH8013-IM Ice Machine for Highland H.S. 04-15-08 Standard Restaurant Equipment
TH1037-SS School Supplies for the Storeroom 04-14-08 Multiple Award
TH1036-OS District Storeroom Office Supplies 04-10-08 Multiple Award
TH8011-SS Classroom sound systems and AV products for the SLCSE 04-01-08 Audio Enhancement
M1041-EG Electrical Contractor to do the electrical work associated with the installation of an emergency generator at the District Administrative Offices. 03-25-08 Taylor Electric
TH1034-AS Athletic Supplies for the Storeroom 03-14-08 Multiple Award
TH1031-B School Buses for Student Transportation Services 03-13-08 Bryson Sales & Service
M1032-MP Design, Construct and Install an Electric Marquee 03-06-08 Rainbow Sign
TF1023-MT Elementary Math Textbooks 03-04-08 Houghton Mifflin Company
TH1030-K Kitchen Equipment for West High 03-04-08 RESCO
TH1035-FA First Aid Supplies for the Storeroom 03-03-08 Henry Schein
TH8009-GPS GPS units for district wide use 02-13-08 Best Buy Government
M1029-A Asbestos removal services 01-25-08 Utah State Correctional Facility
M1003-OW Office/School Products 01-15-08 Multiple awards based upon state contracts

Vendors wishing further details on the awarding of the bid may contact the Purchasing Department during regular business ours, M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in order to review the Bid Analysis Sheet(s).

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