2007 Bid Awards

Bid/Quote Number Description Date Awarded Awarded Vendor
TF949-BR Bus Routing Software 3-27-07 VersaTrans
M951-VS Bus Video System 1-19-07 Best Buy Gov't/AngelTrax
M956-C Golf Cars Snow Removers 1-18-07 Intermountain Golf Cars Inc.
TF957-S Subscription Services 2-13-07 Ebsco Subscription Services
M958-AC Closed Caption TV 1-30-07 Security Consulting & Contracting
M967-T Lunchroom Tables 2-27-07 Rex Williams & Sons
GM7005 LED Message Center 02-07-2007 Canceled
TF965-WS Woodshop Equipment 2-13-07 Timberline Woodworkers Supply
M969-TT IS Helpdesk Ticket Tracking 4-17-07 Grouplink
TF971-TR Food Services Equipment-Trays 3-26-07 Standard Restaurant Equipment Co.
TF972-HC Food Services Equipment-Humidity Controls 3-27-07 Standard Restaurant Equipment Co.
M974-AC Security Equipment 4-12-07 Security Consulting
M975-PE Phone Equipment 4-11-07 Carefree Communications
M977-RR Roof Maintenance and Repair 5-08-07 T-CO Roof Service and Layton Roofing
M7007 Depository Safe 5-16-07 Blue Dot Safe
M984-AG Architectural Glass 5-18-07 City Glass and Valley Glass
TH979-Y East High Yearbooks 5-21-07 Herff Jones
TF978-P Pizza & Services 5-25-07 Five Buck Pizza
TF981-PR Fresh Produce 5-25-07 Joe Granato, Inc.
TF988-D Dairy Products & Services 5-25-07 Cream O'Weber Dairy
TF992-CC Cooking Center 5-25-07 Commercial Kitchen Supply
TH7015-C Camcorder 5-30-07 AV Resources
M980-NP Addition to Nibley Park 5-31-07 Valley Design & Construction
M993-RW Hillside Middle School Retaining Wall 5-31-07 Bud Mahas
M983-ER Equipment Rentals 6-04-07 United Rentals
TH7014-CAL Calendars 6-04-07 Pyramid School Products
TH7013-RAD Two-Way Radios 6-05-07 Intermountain Electronics
M989-MC Mobile Classrooms 6-07-07 William Scotsman
M996-R Edison Elementary Roof 6-07-07 All Weather Roofing
M973-EB Employee Benefits Advisor 6-13-07 Alvion Benefits
TH7016-EH School Handbooks 6-13-07 Watkins Printing
M982-PR Playground Equipment 6-14-07 Willow Valley Trades & Quality Time Recreation
M986-ES Engineering Services 6-14-07 McNeil Engineering
M985-FS Fire Sprinkler Repair 6-14-07 Delta Fire & Fire Engineering
M991-ER Electric Motor Repair 6-14-07 Diamond Electric
M990-CE Civil Engineering Services 6-14-07 McNeil Engineering
M994-SL Scissor Lift 6-14-07 H&E Equipment
M998-SL Scissor Lift 6-20-07 H&E Equipment
M1006-P Plumbing Supplies 6-27-07 Peterson Plumbing
M999-SE Student Enrollment Projection 6-27-07 Wilkstrom E & P
M1004-SM Sheet Metal 6-27-07 Cherrington
M1007-TL Temporary Labor 6-28-07 SOS Manpower
M1009-SS Sprinkler Supplies 6-28-07 Sprinkler Supply
M1008-FC Floor Covering 7-01-07 Bergen Distributing Inc.
M1001-RR Reroof Highland High 7-05-07 Kendrick Brothers Roofing
M1005-EM Elevator Maintenance 7-19-07 Carson Elevator
M1012-WW Lockers for West & Whittier 7-26-07 R Jorgenson Co
M1011-LE Lowell Hot Water Lines 7-26-07 HPH Mechanical
M955-M Mountain View Marquee 7-30-07 Raibow Signs
TH1015-MS Miscellaneous Supplies 8-01-07 Multiple Award
TH1014-AS Athletic Supplies 8-07-07 Multiple Award
M1017-CM Construction of Clayton Middle School 8-29-07 Valley Design & Construction
M997-CR Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts 9-05-07 Lloyd's Custom Cabinets
TF1018-WS Wood Shop Equipment 9-18-07 Timberline Woodworker's Supply
TH8004-P Digital Projector for East High 10-01-07 Inkley's
M1019-SS School Sign 10-26-07 Thomas & Sons
M1021-CT Custodial Trailer 11-09-07 Lone Peak Trailers
M1010-A Service as Art Appraiser 11-09-07 David Ericson
TH8007-MS Miscellaneous Storeroom Items 11-09-07 Multiple Award
TF1025-C Cambro Food Storage Boxes & Lids 11-13-07 American Energy Restaurant Equipment
TF1026-PS Edlund Portion Scales 11-13-07 Central Products
TF1024-MT Secondary Math Textbooks 11-20-07 Bid Canceled
M1020-HS Hillside Middle School 11-21-07 ONYX Construction
TF1027-ST Stickers w/logo for Child Nutrition Program 11-27-07 Mega Forms
GM-7010 Janitorial Services 11-30-07 Bid Canceled
TH8008-MS Misc. Storeroom Supplies 12-19-07 Multiple Award
M987-MG Mentoring and Tutoring Services 12-21-07 Bid Canceled - Grant not obtained
TF1022-P Brand Name Pizza and Services 12-21-07 Domino's Pizza

Vendors wishing further details on the awarding of the bid may contact the Purchasing Department during regular business ours, M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in order to review the Bid Analysis Sheet(s).

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