Our Goal

The Purchasing Department's goal is to provide professional, courteous, efficient procurement of goods and services for the school district, as needed and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the district, and to accord prompt and courteous treatment to suppliers.

What We Do

The Purchasing Department provides assistance to the district in the areas of procurement, product research, sourcing, problem resolution, surplus disposal and storeroom support.

Location/Business Hours

Our address is 995 West Beardsley Place, Salt Lake City, UT 84119. Our office hours are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. M-F.


Assistant Director: Tyler Barnes, CPPB - 801.974.8368
Professional Services, Construction over $50K, Furniture, Surplus Sales, Software, Project Management, Procedures, Etc.

Buyer: Tonya Hodges, CPPB - 801.578.8261
Clothing, Communications, Printing, Vehicles, P-Card, Wholesales, Training, Utilities, Travel, Funds, Storeroom Support, Audio Visual Equipment, Fundraisers, Etc.

Buyer: Tony Field - 801.578.8257
Appliances, Books, Athletic Equipment, Science Equipment, Shop Equipment, Foods, Music Instruments, Contract Services, Child Nutrition, Office/School Supplies, Rentals, Etc.

Purchasing Secretary: Jennifer Smith, 801-974-8366

Warehouse Supervisor: Ross Wilson - 801.974.8376
Stores and Surplus Sales.

Forms: Our forms are revised periodically. Please use the most current version.


Attention Vendors:

The Salt Lake City School District wants to alert suppliers to an active email ordering scam that involves requests for quotations, establishment of credit, or submissions of a purchase order. This request could appear to originate from the Purchasing Department at the Salt Lake City School District. If you are not familiar with the documents being provided and/or content of a district purchase order or you suspect fraud in any way, please use the phone numbers and email links above to contact us immediately before responding to the email or fulfilling any purchase order.


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