Information Systems and Technology



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801-578-8224 option 2

Core Technology Support
Jared Hainline Network Administrator
Frank Frampton Network Services Administrator
Brian Harmon Network Services Administrator
Jordan Collins Network Services Administrator

SLCSD Internal Desktop Support

Vaughn Call Supervisor
Martin Bobb Computer Technician
Ken Duncan Computer Technician
Brett Evers Computer Technician
Jeff Fullmer Computer Technician
Whitney Green Computer Technician
Russell Hansen Computer Technician
Tony Kochevar Computer Technician
Guy Parker Computer Technician
Mike Rollins Computer Technician
Alan Wardell Computer Technician
Systems and Programming
Sam Quantz Supervisor System Integration/Application Development
Lynn Ward Senior Programmer
Robert Francis Senior Programmer
Thouis Jones Senior Programmer
Bert Sheffer Database Administrator
Printing and Graphics
Jeff Rackl Printing Manager
Trudy Martinez Printing Technician
Amy Forstono Printing Technician




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