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Medical Insurance Information

Employees must pay a monthly premium based on plan chosen. If the employee is part-time, they must pay a portion of the district contribution plus the employee contribution based on FTE. All classified contract employees are considered fulltime for benefit premiums at .75 FTE or 30 hours a week, all other contract employees are not considered full time unless they are 1.00 FTE or 40 hours. Hourly employees will receive all information regarding medical insurance directly from Human Resources when one becomes eligible and/or during Open Enrollment. Hourly employees will enroll/make changes directly through Human Resources rather than Employee Online. Per ACA guidelines, hourly employees are eligible for medical insurance only if offered by Human Resources based on average hours worked over a qualifying period of time or they were grandfathered with insurance back in 2008 when the District changed the policy for hourly employees.


BENEFITS BOOK FOR CONTRACT EMPLOYEES (will be available in August)

  • SLCSD Benefits Book


Medical Plans


Medical Plan Premiums for 2017-2018

Medical Plan Provider Directories

Medical Plan Teledoc Services

Long Term Disability (LTD)

  • Long Term Disability Policy

Cigna Life Insurance Policy - District Paid

  • Administrators and Exempt Employees
  • Teachers and Classified Employees

Cigna Voluntary Life Insurance Policy

  • Enrollment Booklet

CRX SLCSDRx International Drug Program

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information

Optional Plans

Health Plan Notices

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