Human Resource Services

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Our Goal

It is our goal to provide leadership in promoting effective human resource practices within the Salt Lake City School District by providing premiere customer service as we recruit and retain quality employees.

The Salt Lake City School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Phone: 801.578.8340
Fax: 801.578.8689

Executive Director: Mozelle Orton
Director: Byron Garritson

Administrative Secretary: Arden Jorgensen

Educator Evaluation: Logan Hall

HR Analyst - Classified Employees: Amy O'Connor
HR Analyst - Licensed Employees: Jo Poglajen
HR Analyst - Benefits: Jill Koncar
HR Analyst - Employee Leave: Loretta Campbell

HR Technician - Certified/Subs: Joddi Austin
HR Technician - Classified: Lauren Allmer
HR Technician - Data: Danielle Martinez


For assistance with:

Substitute Teachers: Joddi Austin

Teacher Applications: Joddi Austin

Teacher Fingerprinting for Relicensure and Cactus Issues: Joddi Austin

Teacher Issues and Teacher Staffing: Jo Poglajen

Teacher Evaluation (ECAP): Logan Hall

Classified and Hourly Applications and New Hire Orientation:Lauren Allmer

Classified and Hourly Employee Issues: Amy O'Connor

Employee Benefits and Retirement: Jill Koncar

FMLA / ADA / Workers Compenstation: Loretta Campbell

Administrator Applications and Fingerprinting: Arden Jorgensen

Verifications of Employment: Call 801-578-8340



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