Translation or Interpreter Requests

Please send all requests for Translation or for Verbal Interpreters to or call me at 801.578.8378.

Interpretation Requests (someone to speak through)

We will attempt to set appointments for interpreters to be at your school when you need them. The information we will need is:

  1. Name of the School or site.
  2. Name and phone number for the contact person.
  3. Purpose, Date, Time, and expectedLength of the session.
  4. Language(s)
  5. Number of interpreters for each language (for appointments such as SEP Conferences).

Translation (written) Requests

For translations, please do the following:

  1. Send me a copy of the document (an Email attachment is preferred - to maintain the format)
  2. In the body of the Email please include the following information:
    1. Name of the Requester (can be in a signature block)
    2. Name of the School or Department (I file documents according to their source).
    3. Indicate all languages needed.
    4. Indicate the date which you need to have the translation. Do not request ASAP as we complete them all as quickly as possible.(this allows me to prioritize.)
    5. Indicate any special instructions that you may need.
  3. I will rename your files SCHOOL(DEPARTMENT)_REQUESTER_Document_Title.
  4. I will get it translated and sent back as soon as possible. (but please request a due date).
  5. The translated file will have a tag at the end (SPANISH_2011/10/26) to indicate the language and date of the translation.

Call me with Questions

I try to make myself available during the day for phone calls. If you have a question, concern, or need feel free to contact me at 801.578.8378 or at the Email address above.


Thank you,

Bob Muench
District Translator Coordinator


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